Want to own the Best Brand Name?

Every business/company owner , Entprenuer want to get the best name so that they can approach their customers easily and be a unique player with a unique indentity in the field and try many things to find good business names one of the options is trying a Brand name generator which we also have offered as Crivon Brand Name Generator

Best Brand Name Qualities

1. Pronunciation

According to Wikipedia “Pronunciation is the way in which a word or a language is spoken” in short. When it comes to Brand names “Pronunciation” becomes a crucial factor when choosing one. So determining whether a Brand Name is pronunciable or not can be intimidating. But if you focus on the followings there will be no hassle in finding a pronunciable Brand Name.


  1. Simple Words
  2. Familiar Words
  3. Easy Words
  4. Examples-: Fruitee, Girly Glam, Mod Looks, Fruit Fiesta and Coffee Bliss


  1. Tongue Twisters
  2. Riddles
  3. Rhyming Words
  4. Examples-: Zmrzlina, PlaiteEight, Worcestershire and Szemotiworiqous

2. Memorization

Memorization of brand name

When it comes memorization whole existence and the recognition of a Brand Name depends on it. Acquiring, Storing, retaining, and later retrieving information as the main process is the human memory.

Human memory involves with the ability to both preserve and recover information that we have learned or experienced

  • Long Term Memory
  • Our Brain’s System for storing, managing and retrieving information

  • Short Term Memory
  • Our Brain’s System for storing, managing and retrieving information

3. The ".com" availability

The TLDs ( Top Level Domains) or the Domain Extensions were introduced as an attempt to classify domain names. These Domain Names are formed by the procedures and rules of the DNS (Domin Name System).

Even though that there are many extensions that are avilable for different purposes, according our expertise owning “.com” domain extension is the best choice because the copyright ownership automatically delivered to the which no one can challenge or steal.

If you can make sure that the Brand Name of your choice comes with the “.com” it will be one of the best decision that you make for your business.

.com availability of brand name

4. Legal Perspective

A brand enable customers to recognize a product, service providers or the makers rapidly and immediately without any hassle. So basically it is the identity of a company, a business , a product etc. Protecting the ownership of a brand is the first and the most important step in the commercial world.

When it comes to Brands, legally they are trademarks. How can we protect a brand from infringement?

Solution = USPTO ( United States Patent and Trademark Office)

Almost all the US Trademarks are registered with the federal government thorough USPTO of Commerce Department. This registration procedure helps Brands to secure and protect it’s exclusivity.

Apart from that according to the Lanham Act of 1946 that has been established US regulations for registering Brand names protects every registered name for 20 years from the date of registration.

TIP – Generic and descriptive names are not going to be eligible for the trade mark protection procedure, Legally that means no one will be able to obtain federal protection for a that type of name as they are common and frequently, mostly used names.

5. Mistakes

When engaging in new and important things mistakes are bound to happen as nervousness, unfamiliarity can get in the way. So selection of Brand Name is also same. Try to avoid following mistakes if you want the best and tbe the best.

  • Forgotten Trade Mark Research
  • Choosing Unfamiliar, Difficult and Complicated words
  • Imitating/Copying a well-known Brand Name
  • Being too descriptive
  • No research on competitors
  • Too long and too common words
  • Under estimating the importance
  • Turning the name in to a cliche
  • Choosing the wrong name in haste
  • Ignoring Trade Mark Laws
Mistakes of brand names