Review of Fantasy Name Generators

“Fantasy name generator” is a collection of names. This brand name generator offers brand name solutions for users. You cannot purchase brand names from this site so it does not fulfill the main purpose. According to this generator, anyone can use these names. Because they are not available for purchase so two or three people can use the same name therefore uniqueness can be lost. And lose their own identity because there are can be others with that exact name.

How Fantasy name generator scored according to marking criteria

Brand name qualities
Vocabulary score
Domain Availability
The Procedure of Name Generation
A Better Assistance to the Fulfilment of the Need
Additional services
User reviews of Fantasy name generator

01. Brand name qualities of Fantasy name generator generated brand name

Short words are more commonly remembered than long words used in day to day communication so people tend to give more attention to short and simple words. So using a short and simple brand name could be advantageous for the owner of a particular brand. Most of the brand names that this generator offers are not single words and it is not a good quality of a brand name generator. So it would be much better using a single worded brand name to be more popular among the users through the simplicity that comes with the singularity.

Single/Multiple worded brand names of Fantacy Name Generator
Usage of Keywords of Fantacy Name Generator

Because of the deprioritization of keyword Included domains that come with the 2012 Google update, using a brand name attached with a keyword could be risky to a brand. This brand name generator does not offer brand names that come with that risk. Apart from that In this generator, It is stated that anyone can use any name from this generator assuming that they are not already trademarked by others. So there is a higher possibility of being duplicated if a user chooses a brand name offered by “fantasy name generators”. So users could get confused with websites with the same names and they may quit searching and look for another option.

Having a meaning to a brand name is not compulsory but with a unique name and a perfect product/service brand can achieve popularity and success but brand names that have negative implications can impact the brand’s quality negatively because you cannot expect anything positive from a negative thing. People who look forward to buying brand names from this site have to be much more careful when selecting a brand name as some of the brand names offered by this brand name generator with negative connotations.

The human sound system is a natural thing that comes from birth which helps to pronounce any word easily. Artificial intelligence-based virtual assistants are programmed to make sounds and speak by human beings. It is difficult to compare a natural skill with an artificial skill but as virtual assistants are man-made if they are able to pronounce a word easily a human definitely can too. On that basis, if a robot can spell a brand name without any hassle humans can too as it must be. So choosing a brand name that a robot can spell would be much better if the goal is to become popular and successful. Brand names offered by this fantasy name generators site are with that benefit.

A brand name must be simple enough to search through the web if it is included with any special character it could be very difficult to search as users have to find those particular special characters in their keyboards and keypads by taking some more time in order to find the brand names which will not encourage the user to visit the website. Most of the brand names offered by this brand name generator are with that flow which is not good enough to be a brand name.

Inclusion of Numbers or Special Characters of Fantacy Name Generator
Usage of generic words of Fantacy Name Generator

Because of the 2012 Google update related to Exact Match Domains (EMD) using generic and partially generic words in a brand name can directly affect the brand in the aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). For a newly initiated brand, ranking is a crucial thing in order to be successful so when purchasing a brand name users must avoid brand names included with generic words because after 2012, google de-prioritizes the websites with those types of names in rankings. Through fantasy name generators users only can have brand names with generic words that are not much suitable to be brand names.

Using a brand name similar to an existing brand name does not bring any benefit because users prefer the originality rather than the imitation. A unique identity makes the website's accessibility much higher. So purchasing a unique brand would be better as the identity of a brand but all the brand names offered by this generator are with that risk which makes them not good enough to be a brand name.

Imitations of Existing Brand Names of Fantacy Name Generator

02. Vocabulary Score

Vocabulary score of Fantacy Name Generator

Having a super brand name increases the possibility of becoming famous as its simplicity and easy pronunciation make it special. Superbrand names are the names that possess a vocabulary score above 08 which makes it superior to a good brand name with a vocabulary score between 6-8. But neither Superbrand names nor Good brand names are available for purchase in this generator.

03. Domain Availability

Users who wish to purchase brand names available in this generator are not offered with any domain extension. Owning a domain extension to a brand name is super essential and compulsory as it gives professional credibility to the brand to stand superior to the other competitors and to have the legal and copyright owner of the brand. So it is wise to purchase a brand name with a reliable domain extension such as “.com” etc.

Domain Availability of Fantacy Name Generator

04. Price

Price of Fantacy Name Generator

The intention of searching for a brand name is trying to make it your own. To be outstanding and professional a brand name should be purchased. The characteristics of a brand name generator is selecting brand names and users purchasing the same. The intention couldn’t be achieved by this particular brand name generator.

05. User-Friendliness

This web page provides the service users need within a short period of time but the first impression that is given by this brand name generator is weak to some extent, in contrast, At first glance, the user does not feel that the site is rendering any useful service, so the user does not want to spend too much time on this site. This is because they do not tend to make the first web page attractive. So as to find a good brand name users approach brand name generators so the first impression of a site is increasingly significant as it has a huge effect on the users.

06. Procedure of Name Generation

Users are trying to find a good brand name quickly without going through too many steps. It’s not practical if you have to go through a lot of steps. In this brand name generator, the procedure is much easier to find a brand name which is a good quality of a brand name generator. Users can get 10 random brand names with one click and if you don’t like the first 10 you can get another 10 by 1 click which is a satisfying feature that this brand name provides.

07. A better assistance to the fulfillment of the need

Most of the brand name generators provide knowledge to users who are willing to purchase brand names about the process, how to choose a perfect brand name, about the domain extension, and the helps users to know what they buy and how valuable it is. But in this brand name generator, no knowledge is given to users which is an essential point.

08. Additional Services

Most of the brand name generators offer logo designing services and additional services in addition to generating brand names .its a convenient option for people who use it. This brand name generator also offers other brand names as an additional service.

09. Alternatives to Fantacy Name Generator

Both generators do not generate brand names as single words which is not a good quality of a brand name generator, Both generators generate brand names for free which comes with a great risk. “Anadea generates brand names with keywords but “Fantasyname generator does not generate brand names with keywords which is a good quality of a brand name generator.

10. User reviews of Fantacy Name Generator

Most of the brand name generators do have user reviews depending on the degree of usage.But regarding this brand name generator, it is hard to find any user reviews in this manner.