Aim of using a brand name generator must be to get the ownership of a perfect brand name for a reasonable price. Crivon has allocated the following values to each quality of a brand name generator to determine the best Brand name generator of the world.

1. Generates Quality Brand names - 20%

We have considered this as the main factor because according to the brand name specialists these qualities contribute so much to make a branded brand name so in the process of selecting a brand name we should consider these qualities in order to own the best brand name. Almost all popular brands have considered these qualities when naming their brands.


singleword brand name should not be

These brand names are too long and not single worded. Because of that, they are difficult to pronounce and to memorize which will directly affect when reaching the target audience. These brands may be popular in particular countries or regions but not in the world according to Crivon expertise, it is the word count of the Brand Name that has affected these Brands” popularity.

But when we hear these names we can recognize what they are. That is the popularity comes along with simplicity, all of these brand names are single words but they are the most popular brands in the world. So the quality of a brand name depends on creativity and simplicity. It makes the business, company or website more approachable to the users. So selecting a single as the brand name would be the best.

singleword brand name should be
  • No numbers or special characters included - 3%

number and characters included brand name
number and characters not included brand name

From these four brand names, Viber and twitter are easy to remember and easy to search through the internet while the other two names are not. Words are easy to remember and to pronounce but numbers and special characters are not. So using numbers or special characters in your brand name will be a disadvantage to your brand because users might forget or misspell the names, search engines might get confused too so using numbers or special characters in a brand name could directly affect the searches related to your brand. We recommend not to use numbers or special characters in your brand name. But if you are focusing only on the Japanese, Korean or Chinese market it is ok to use related numbers or special characters in your brand name.

  • Alexa, Siri or Cortana can spell the particular Brand names - 2%

Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple), Google Assistant, Cortana (Microsoft) and Bixby (Samsung) are the most popular AI-based virtual assistants. So if these robots can spell and pronounce the brand names without making any mistakes obviously humans can spell and pronounce them without any difficulty.

Alexa, Siri or Cortana can spell

  • No negative connotations - 2%

In order to grow/expand your business, it is crucial to make a positive impression on your users.After seeing these types of brands automatically we get a negative impression.Another important thing is If you are targeting a larger scale of customers or users this fact is more important because your target audience may include users from different countries and different cultures. So using negative words of English language or words with negative connotations of any other language as a brand name may directly cause a misunderstanding and bad impact on your brand. If your brand name is included with negative connotations it will never be a professional brand name.

No negative connotations
No negative connotations

  • No imitations of any other popular brands - 3%

An Imitation can never be original. The brand name is the identity of a business or a company if it is an imitation of any other brand, you will never have your own identity. In the eyes of the users, you will not be trustworthy enough. Apart from that Search engines will always try to correct these kinds of words. So avoid imitating popular brands and make your own identity.

No imitations of any other popular brands
  • No keywords included - 3%

Apple, Pepsi, Starbucks, eBay when we see these brand names we know what they are. These are the most popular brand names in the world. Look at the difference between their past names and current names.

  • Apple Computers - Apple, Inc
  • Brad’s Drink - Pepsi-Colal
  • Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spice, I1 Giornale Coffee Company - Starbucks
  • AuctionWeb - eBay

Through these real-world examples it is explained that including a keyword to the brand name is not necessary because, with the popularity, your brand name itself will explain what you are. The most important thing is after the 2012 google updates the sites with the keyword included domains have been deprioritized and including a keyword to your brand name may lead you to a negative ranking effect from search engines. So without taking any risk just focus on the simplicity and the creativity of your brand name.

  • No generic/partially generic words included - 3%

Before 2012 google gave priority to the exact match domains when ranking but after understanding that it is not effective they came up with an update in 2012. So including generic words or partially generic words in a brand name can directly affect the brand in a negative way.

Anyone can have a doubt about this factor because of the famous brand “Apple”.Of course, “Apple” is a generic word which Crivon does not recommend as a brand name. But a multi-billion software company is using the generic word “Apple” as the brand name which initiated a long time ago when there was no negative effect of using a generic word as a brand name. Now the “Apple Incorporation” is one of the most popular, well-established companies that no other company can overpower so the generic word in the brand name is not a problem.

As you are going to start a new business by purchasing the best brand name, it is not worthy enough to risk your brand-related searches because of a generic word. It is better not to choose a brand name that is included with a generic word while there are other good brand names that a user can purchase.

2. Vocabulary score of the generated Brand names - 15%

The simplicity of a name is everything because simple things can catch the attention of people easily. A brand name should be simple so that it can be easily memorized and pronounced. Through a vocabulary score check, we can measure how simple the brand name is and how easy it is to pronounce. If the vocabulary score is high that brand name is simple and easy to pronounce but if the vocabulary score is low that brand name is not simple and difficult to pronounce.

Here are some real-world examples for super brand names

  • Google - vocabulary score 8.35
  • Twitter - vocabulary score 8.22
  • eBay - vocabulary score 8.76

So we recommend using a brand name with a high vocabulary score if you want a quality brand name that will be popular among the people.

3. Domain availability of the generated Brand names- 22%

A domain gives professional credibility to your brand and distinguishes you from the millions of other websites in the world. It provides recognition to your brand. To be a quality brand name, owning a domain extension is a must.

There are three most popular domain extensions that people use, they are as follows.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org

There are three most popular domain extensions that people use, they are as follows.

  • Availability of .com domain extension - 22%

We consider owning “ .com “ for a brand name makes your brand unique because according to US law if you possess .com you will be the copyright owner of your brand. No one else can steal or copy your brand.


These are world-famous unique brand names that possess the “.com” domain. With this uniqueness, no one can ever copy these brands. The “.com” domain extension is popular not only because of the recognition that it has. The .com domain extension can lead your brand to higher search rankings and it will be a key factor that will help your brand to uphold more authority than other domain extensions while gaining more interest and credibility than other domain extensions.

  • Availability of .org domain extension - 10%

Anyone can have “.org ” as their domain extension but it is mostly suitable for a non-profitable organization. This domain is most popular among political parties and politicians, NGOs and many social communities. Many people relate ".org" with knowledge-based websites, communities and other social communities, so if you are in e-Commerce and want all your traffic to be sales, choosing ".org" as your domain wouldn’t be the best choice.

  • Availability of .net domain extension - 8%

Actually “.net” domain extension was intended for internet and networking service providers. famous internet companies still primarily use their .com domain for the business even though they own the ".net" domain. But well-established internet companies like Google, Amazon, Expedia use .com domain. So while ".net" is only suitable for businesses or services related to internet and networking “.com” is for Commercial businesses which include internet-related businesses also. So in contrast to the ".net" domain, choosing ".com" is much more suitable.

  • Availability of other domain extensions - 5%

Apart from the above-mentioned domains, there are many other domains also, like “.co”, “.edu”, “.gov”, etc. There are regional/country extensions like ".uk", ".eu", ".us", ".tk", etc. that are ok to use if you are targeting a specific region or country but not in global businesses. But owning a unique brand name with .com is the best option for a business because it is not focused on any particular factor like industries, organizations, countries, regions which are common.

4. Price of the generated Brand names - 16%

Brand name generators offer many payment options with different prices as follows. So Crivon's purpose is to support the users in finding the best brand name generators to purchase the best brand names for the lowest prices. For that, we have allocated marks according to the different price ranges by giving priority to the brand name generators which offer the best brand names for lower prices.

  • Full payment (Different prices)

Price Marks
price < 100 16%
100-500 15%
500-1000 12%
1000-1500 10%
1500-2000 8%
2000-3000 6%
3000-5000 4%
5000 < price 0.5%

  • Prices less than $100 - 16%

    If a user can purchase a good brand name for a price lower than $100 from a brand name generator, it is superb because most of the generators offer brand names for higher prices.

  • $100 -$ 500 - 14%

    If a user can purchase a good brand name for prices between $100 – $500 from a brand name generator it is much more valuable to the user as the prices of lots of brand names that are offered by different brand name generators are much higher.

  • $500 - $1000 - 11%

    If a user has to purchase a brand name for prices like $1000 – $5000 it is not reasonable,it will be more convenient to the buyer if a brand name generator offers brand names for a lower price.

  • $1000- $1500 - $2000 - $3000 - $5000 - 6% - 1%

    If a user has to purchase a brand name for prices like $1000 – $5000 it is not reasonable,it will be more convenient to the buyer if a brand name generator offers brand names for a lower price.

  • Prices higher than $5000 - 0.40%

    If a user has to purchase a brand name for a price of $5000 or higher it is an unnecessary expense because there are best brand names that can be purchased for lower prices because of that it will be a waste purchasing a brand name for a higher price for a newly started business. So if a brand name generator offers brand names for higher prices it is unacceptable and it is not wise to use those kinds of brand name generators.

  • Free (offers only name brand name suggestions)

No generator offers quality brand names for free, they just mix up the user’s keywords and generate phrases or words just as brand name suggestions neither domain nor legal ownership is available. So we have not allocated any marks for this factor.

  • Free (offers only name brand name suggestions)

You are purchasing one of the most important things for your company/business so you should have full ownership of the brand name that you are purchasing so we strictly disapprove annual/monthly ownership renewal of brand names.There are brand names for different prices, most of the prices are too high while researching we came to know that you can buy the best brand names for the lowest prices.

Through this factor Crivon helps you to find the Brand name generators that offer the best brand names for reasonable prices. You should not judge a brand name by the price but the creativity and simplicity because every brand name’s purpose is the same. So make sure that you are purchasing the right name for the right price.

Apart from these important factors, we have considered a few others when ranking. They are as follows.

5. User Interface of the Brand name generator - 5%​

* First impression of a website is so important because it is the factor that keeps a user engaged.

6. User Experience of the Brand name generator - 5%

* The process of generating names must be convenient to the user no wastage of time but a simple procedure.

7. The page content of the Brand name generator - 3%​

* A content that educates the user regarding brand names and brand name generators.

8. Additional services of the Brand name generator - 5%​

* Offers of other brand name related services for the convenience of the users.

9. User feedback for the Brand name generator - 5%

* Through the feedback of former users new ones can get an idea about the particular Brand name generator.

10. Whether the generators generate the same results in different categories/industries - 4%​

* If a generator offers the same brand names without considering the category/industry even after giving the option of selecting an industry or a category we do not consider them as quality brand name generators.