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Looking For The Best Clothing Business Name?

Did you know how crucial a good name is to a business? “The Name” can make or break your business which is true because it is the identity, if it is a blah customer could make a U-turn in a jiffy. If it is so important you must know how to select one.

No need to worry we are here to guide you step by step till the end.Take a look.

FYI - Last year (2020) the global clothing/apparel market had hit 1.5 trillion U.S dollars which is about to pass 2.25 trillion U.S. dollars around 2025 with the rapidly growing demand for clothing and footwear.

How Important is the Name To a Clothing Business?

A business name is the identity of a business. So having a good name is crucial to a clothing business because in this industry THE NAME actually really matters. Let’s see why the name is so important to a clothing business.

The Name is the Calling Card of Your Business

Your Clients Remember You By Your Name

Recognition in the Industry

To Be in the Game

Anyone Could Reach You Easily

For Marketing

If You Want a Good Name You Must Know How to Select One and What to Select.

Tips to Select a Clothing Business Name

  1. A Simple name, because simplicity is much more powerful than complexity
  2. A name with easy pronunciation is a plus point
  3. A Name, unique like either Prada or Nike
  4. A name, Clothing, or Fashion industry-relevant name
  5. Avoid joining words just to make names and try to be creative b
  6. Be creative, in the process of Naming think like an artist

Steps to Select a Clothing Business Name on Your Own

1. Collecting Ideas

To select one name, first of all, you have to have a lot. So you can give it time and think and gather ideas. In this step, you can corporate a thesaurus or a name generator so that you can have exposure to wider options.

2. Idea Listing

List out all the ideas that are up to your expected points

3. Shortlisting Ideas

Out of the list you made in the 2nd step choose your top few that made the cut. Which are,

  • Attractive
  • Creative
  • Simple
  • Unique
  • Relevant

  • 4. Second Opinion

    It will be better if you take opinions from your colleagues or associates on your shortlist.

    5. Select “The One”

    After going through four steps then you can choose the name that best fits your preferences.

    6. Is it there?

    Your need just is not enough if you want to be professional so you have to check whether it is available or not. (You can use Domain Availability check websites)

    7. Go Legal

    Right after you are confirmed about the availability you can register your business name and be the legal owner of the name.

    After taking a look you must now have some kind of idea so you could go for a test run by following the steps. But if you need something to take an idea there are some name suggestions that we have cooked up.

    Interested? Take a look.


    Clothing Industry Name Ideas

    Professional Names

    • Clothing Fashion Business Names

    Fashion Bees

    Princess Line

    Sparky Fashion

    Glam Trends

    Diva Apparels

    Stylish Garments

    Mod Lounge

    Celebrity Line

    Bling Textiles

    Fab Line

    • Clothing Store Names

    Boutique Royal

    Glam Palace

    Rita's Closet

    Four Seasons


    Bella's Vintage

    Glamorous Line

    Artsy Lounge

    Lazo Boutique

    Bling House

    • Clothing Brand Names


    Fash Dash

    Clare Mod

    Good Looks

    Elegant Designs

    Uniuqe Trends

    Fab Teens


    Handy Looks

    Rich Choice

    • Clothing Line Names

    Alpha Fasion

    Trendy Selections

    Fashion Craze

    Latest Selections

    Fancy Zone

    Glam Styles

    Vogue Trendss

    Fad Ragey

    Mod Designs

    New Look

    • Clothing Company Names

    Aqua Trends

    Rosy Lane

    Sempro Apparel

    Modern Stilez

    Studio Modiste

    Trendy Zone

    New Fabs

    Style line

    Royal Vibes

    Regan style

    • Clothing Business Names

    Royal Teens

    Handy Mods

    Fab Moderna

    Trendy Estile

    Estile Looks

    Mod Celebs


    Cheverlot line

    Dreamy Look

    Spunky Style

    • Boutique Shop Names

    Boutique Dreamy

    Gloria's Closet

    Vintage House

    Quality Fits

    Trendy Lounge

    Iconic Designs

    Charlie's Designs

    Royal Designers

    Trendy Tailors

    Clauds Textiles

    • Apparel Shop Names

    Shea Designs

    Lorna's Apparel

    Super Clothium

    Clothing Royale

    Barney Iconics

    Desingners Choice

    B Unique

    Mod Clothes

    Reganza Style

    Celeb Fashion

    • Garment Shop Names

    Clothy Line

    Bling Bling

    Bezo Garments

    Tailor Stocks

    Nesty Apparel

    Dash Iconics

    Celeb Look

    Alezano Designs

    Trendy House

    House of Celebs

    Specific Name Ideas

    • Urban Clothing Lines

    Thread Fashion

    Styli Loft

    Trendy Outfits

    Mystique Dresser

    Dressy Barn

    Frenchy Collective

    Chiffon Style

    Dasy Line

    Beauty Attraction

    Glam Colours

    • Women's Clothing Lines

    Girly Glam

    Shea Designers


    Glam Divas

    Wifey Style

    Lady walk

    Belle Spark

    Queen’s Look

    Royal Maiden

    Bae’s Charm

    • Children's Clothing Lines


    Mommy’s Knights

    Kiddy Cart

    Princess Dreams

    Little Cowboys



    Fab Kiddies

    Tyke Rules

    Little Knight

    • Baby Clothing Lines

    Toddler Paradise



    Cuddly Castle

    Little Loves

    Mommies Choice

    Cute Styles

    Panda House

    Bling Bling

    Smiley Fashion

    • Mens Clothing Lines

    Dandy Chaps

    Mr. Beard

    Dashing Boss

    Six-packs Agents

    Blue Knights

    Kings Look

    Mod Chaps

    Boss Looks

    Handy Agents

    Rough Shape

    Apart from these name ideas, there are Men’s Fashion Business Name ideas also presented to you with a guide to select the best name.

    • Fitness Clothing Brands

    Stunt Masters

    Jeux Looks



    Bumpy Masters


    Victory House

    Cardy Look

    Ski Smart

    Track Fashion

    • Street Clothing

    Street Clothing

    Dash Dappers

    Wild Hose

    Rowdy Styles

    Alluring Designs

    Boss Barn

    Cowboy Look

    Wonder Women

    Walkin Style

    G Fashion

    Other Name Ideas

    • Catchy Clothing store names

    Fab Fits

    Girly Modiste

    Fab Estille

    Mod Style

    Stylish Moderna

    New Ablaze

    New Kisas


    Trendy Closet

    Dasher House

    • Creative Fashion Brand names


    Queen's Style

    Luxury Loft

    Fashion Unlimit



    Dasher Point


    Dandy Magnima

    Seven Clouds

    • Unique Clothing Brand name ideas











    • Creative Clothing Brands

    Divine Selections

    Sparky Looks

    Splendor Line

    Soiree Fashion






    Blazing Wear

    • Trendy apparel company names

    Classiq Outfits


    Trendy Moderna

    Dreemy Boutique

    Vintage House

    Modiste Clothery

    Fab Stylers

    Elegant Fairy

    New Estile

    Dashing Lads

    • Online Clothing Brands


    E-stille Fashion

    Webby Style

    Online luxuriate

    On-line clothium

    Fashion Cloudy


    Tele Fabs


    Bez clothium

    • Luxury Clothing Brand Names

    Fashion Royale

    Luxury looks

    Madame Style

    Artsy Luxuriate

    Classic Queens

    Vogue Line

    Celebrity Island

    Royal Classico

    Regent Style

    Premiere Looks

    • Best Fashion Business Name Ideas

    Steady Knights

    Queen's Choice

    Cloudy Vibe

    Royal Teens

    Alluring Textiles

    Epic Looks

    Crest Vibe

    Handy Tykes


    Craze Dasher

    Even though we started with tips and steps, it is better if you know what makes a good Brand Name and what good brand names do and we have listed out both for you.

    Innovative Fashion Brand Names

    • Starting your own Fashion Brand is kind of challenging as there is great competition out there. So you have to weaponize with a great name that could hold you up. So following are some of the unique Fashion Brand Names curated by our branding specialists.





















    Characteristics and the Role of a Good Brand Name

    Characteristics Role
    Easy to pronounce A good impression to the customers
    Memorable A good Brand recognition
    Unique Attraction (a people magnet)
    Flexible Be the identity
    Reflects business value Be the first option
    Legally available Exist forever
    Long term life Stand out from the others
    Positive Mind association Be what everyone is looking for

    You can see real-world examples if you scroll down a bit.

    Best Selling Clothing and Fashion Brands and Their Stories

    louis in clothing industry

    Founded In -: 1854.

    Founder -: Louis Vuitton.

    Headquarters -: Paris, France.

    Revenue -:15 Billion USD ( 2020 ).

    gucci in clothing industry

    Founded In -: -1921.

    Founder -: Guccio Gucci.

    Headquarters -: Florence , Italy.

    Revenue -: € 9.628 ( 2018 ).

    hermes in clothing industry

    Founded In -: 1837.

    Founder -: Thierry Hermès.

    Headquarters -: Paris, France.

    Revenue -: € 6.883 ( 2019 ).

    prada in clothing industry

    Founded In -: 1913.

    Founder -: Mario Prada.

    Headquarters -: Milan, Italy.

    Revenue -:3.91 Billion USD ( 2016 ).

    chanel in clothing industry

    Founded In -: 1910.

    Founder -: Coco Chanel.

    Headquarters -: Paris, France.

    Revenue -:11 Billion USD ( 2018 ).

    raiph in clothing industry

    Founded In -: 1967.

    Founder -: Ralph Lauren.

    Headquarters -:Newyork, US.

    Revenue -:6.182 Billion USD ( 2018 ).

    burberry in clothing industry

    Founded In -: 1856.

    Founder -: Thomas Burberry.

    Headquarters -: London, United Kingdom.

    Revenue -:2.63 Billion GBP (2020 ).

    wersace in clothing industry

    Founded In -: 1978.

    Founder -: Gianni Maria Versace.

    Headquarters -: Milan, Italy.

    Revenue -: € 669 Million (2016 ).

    fendi in clothing industry

    Founded In -: 1925.

    Founder -: Adele Fendi ,Edoardo Fendi.

    Headquarters -: Rome, Italy.

    Revenue -:€ 800 Million ( 2011 ).

    armani in clothing industry

    Founded In -: 1975.

    Founder -:Giorgio Armani, Sergio Galeotti.

    Headquarters -: Milan, Italy.

    Revenue -:€ 2.90 Billion ( 2016 ).

    It is true that making names on your own is a bit difficult and time taking but it is not the only way. There are other ways too.

    Most Successful Fashion Brands in the USA

    Old Navy


    Abercrombie & Fitch

    Under Armour

    Kate Spade

    Victoria's Secret

    Banana Republic



    Tommy Hilfiger



    Polo Ralph Lauren

    Eddie Bauer


    American Eagle Outfitters



    Calvin Klein

    Brooks Brothers#F4D0DE

    How Can You Find Names Other Than Making on Your Own

    As we spoke about selecting a name on our own earlier, there are some other ways also to acquire names. Some of them are,

    1. Trying a Name Generator

    There are a number of name generators in different types that you can try. Ex - Novanym, Namelix, Biznamewiz, Namemesh, Brandbucket, Brandroot, Squadhelp, etc.

    2. Contacting a Naming Agency

    There are agencies specialized in branding and naming that you can always try.

    3. Service of a Naming Specialist

    You have the option of seeking service from a brand specialist.

    You are going to start a new business by selecting a good name so there is a chance of missing important things that you should consider out of excitement. So make sure that you didn’t miss anything by comparing your checklist to the followings.

    Tips From Us For You to Consider Before Starting Your Clothing Related Business

    “How to start your own clothing business?” might be one of your search queries.

    You just can’t go and jump into the ocean if you want to or love to swim. First, you have to have knowledge about every little thing about the ocean and swimming before running to the water because your life depends on that. We can relate that fact to the fact that you are planning to start your own business in the clothing industry. So the whole clothing industry metaphorically can be your ocean. To make it easy for you here we are offering you some tips that might be helpful in the process.

  • Conduct Thorough Research
  • For starters, you must have great knowledge about the clothing and fashion industry as it is a vast scope that you might get lost in the middle. You better get ready by doing research about it and the competitors on the field, their stories, failures, achievements, strategies likewise.

  • Plan
  • After getting to know the scope you can start planning everything. Decide what type of clothes you are going to sell, price ranges, suppliers, marketing strategies, etc. Budget - To start a business, obviously you must have a budget so that you can manage the financial side carefully.

  • Organize
  • Finalise your location, decide whether you are going to be home-based or moving to a small studio. Then decide about the staff or it is going to be only you.

  • Create your Brand
  • Choose the best name to be your brand.

  • Test run
  • After starting manufacturing your product you can do a test run whether they are up to the market.

    As the demand for clothing is never-ending and increasing day by day along with diversity, being in the known category would be great. So get an idea after reading,

    For a Head Start Here are Some New Trends in the Fashion and Apparel Industry.

  • Unisex Clothing Styles
  • There are no specifications for women’s or men’s. Most fashion brands are now focused on this trend.

  • Online Shopping to the Next Level
  • With time, online shopping became more popular among the customers but there was a little setback when it came to clothing because of quality problems, size problems but again retailers started improving their online stores and services with customer needs and still going on.

  • Rise of Recommerce
  • Buying and selling used clothes have become a great business over the past year by making it a whole new profitable business idea.

  • Demand for Comfortable Clothes
  • With the pandemic situation going on around the world working from home and stay home stay safe mottos are totally responsible for this trend because staying at home triggers the need of being comfy.

  • Growth in eCommerce
  • Again due to the pandemic situation shopping was a no-no. So to have both clothes and safety the option eCommerce was the best one everyone has.

    When you are ready for the battle make sure that you are aware and ready for “ The Challenges”

    Here are Some Challenges That You Might Come Across in The Fashion Industry

  • 1. Changing customer needs
  • The need of the customer is never going to be the same. It can change instantly according to different reasons. So making up for their need is not going to be an easy task but a very challenging one.

  • 2. Cost
  • Cost for the raw materials is still increasing so it is going to be the biggest challenge that you will face because you have to balance the profit, the prices of the products along with the cost of the raw materials.

  • 3. Transportation
  • The cost of transportation is also not going to be easy on you because constant use of transportation must be needed.

  • 4. Diversity of the population
  • There are a number of cultures, religions, and races that you have to deal with so managing and balancing your products with respect to them is also going to be challenging.

  • 5. Competition
  • There will be no end to the competition that you are going to face. And there will be adding to the race. So keeping up is important.

    You know that you just can’t start a business right? there is a standard procedure in the aspects of legalities.

    Legal procedure to follow in order to Start An Apparel Business

    You are going to start a business in this industry that is why you stayed with us up to this part.

    The following are the steps that you have to follow in order to get a license and permits to be legal as a business in the Clothing Industry.

  • Choosing the Business entity
  • File the appropriate documents
  • If required register with the city
  • Obtain the federal and employer identification numbers
  • Obtain a permit to sell goods and to collect tax
  • Contract signing
  • Obtain a garment/apparel registration certificate
  • Hope You Choose The Best Name For Your Clothing Business…!!!!