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The demand for coffee is gradually rising with time which clearly depicts opening a coffee shop or a cafe as a smart decision to make right now. Opening just a shop is not going to make the leap that you prefer but along with a blasting name, you can just go to the battle.


  • 44% of the coffee consumers are millennials.
  • The fastest-growing demographic is the 13 to 18-year-old age group.
  • 64% of adults in the United States drink coffee daily.
  • (According to the National Coffee Association’s annual report)

How to Brainstorm the Best Coffee Shop/ Cafe Name?

In order to select a name for your coffee shop or your cafe, you have to try everything and try your best. Brainstorming is the most critical in the naming process. To make that naming process a little bit simpler we have discussed a few things related to Brainstorming for you to consider.

Consider Your Specialties -  When brainstorming for cafe name ideas you can consider your beverage specialties to take some inspiration “Espresso”, “Latte”, “Mocha” for examples, that could give your cafe a little fling.

Try to Keep It Simple -  You don’t have to explain everything through the name, make it simple so that it could show your quality with the time.

Can Give a Try To Your Name -  We do not recommend using only a name as a business name but a part of a name like “Joe’s Mocha” & “Macy’s” you can give a try.

Think About the Target Audience -  If you are focusing on a certain crowd, you have to consider that also. For example, for a crowd of younger generations, you have to think for an exciting and blasting name because their mindset is adjusted to those types of things.

Use Related Words & Adjectives -  You can use related words and adjectives like “Hot”, “Brown”, “Sweet”, “Steaming”, “Brew” etc. to combine and make names.

Do’s and Don’ts When Naming Your Coffee Shop

  1. Make sure not to pick a name that is tricky and difficult to pronounce.

  2. Why?

    If you choose a name that is tricky and difficult to pronounce could cost you losing potential customers. Because we human beings are naturally practiced to evade difficult things so your name could get easily forgotten

  3. Opt-out names from your list that are similar to existing brand or business names fully or partially.

  4. Why?

    Name is the identity of a Business. As the competition in the coffee business is tough having a name similar to another can cause many problems.

    • You could lose customers to another cafe with the same name.
    • Could have to face legal problems regarding copyright ownership.
    • Could lose your business.

  5. Try choosing a name that makes someone picture coffee after hearing the name. With words like “Brown”, “Hot”, “Creamy”.
  6. Make sure that your choices are related to the niche. If you choose a name like “Greeny Aisle” that does not go with coffee could be a problem.
  7. After narrowing down your list, take feedback from your family and friends so that you can finally select the most appealing name to you.
  8. Check whether the cafe name of your preference is available for you to own.
  9. Trademark the name by registering as soon as possible with the .com domain extension.

How Important is a Good Name to a Coffee Shop/Brand

The name is important to every business and every brand more or less. But to a cafe or a coffee shop, it is too important. Because other than the quality of the products and the service the name has its own role to a Beverage Business Name

  1. To stand out from the competition -: It is not news that there are hundreds of cafes around the town. So to compete with them and attract as many as customers you can to your shop, you must have a stronger name that could go through their minds.
  2. Too important in marketing -: You just can’t go to marketing campaigns without a name with the power of becoming successful. You may put out banners, use printed take-out cups, or send flyers, printed napkins act as a strategy to do that having a good name is going to be the best.
  3. The Identity -: Once you select the name of your cafe it becomes your business’s identity. If it is strong and catchy, getting attention from the customers is nothing because after seeing your name it is them who decide whether this is worthy enough to remember or not.

As it is crucial that you know the importance of a good cafe name you must keep up with new trends in the industry when you choose your business names.

Coffee Shop Naming Trends

  1. Using the words “Cafe” & “Coffee” -:Ex: Sey Coffee, King State Coffee, Caffe Reggio.
  2. Using the owner’s name or pronouns -:Ex: Mom ’n ‘Em Coffee, Leslie Coffee, George Howell
  3. Using words in other languages -: Ex: Aloha Roastery, Cafe du Monde, Caffe Trieste
  4. Using unrelated words -:Ex: Cat & Cloud, Daydream Surf Shop, Blacksmith

The following list of names is prepared by us for you to take an idea for a better understating about the above-mentioned fact till this point. Take a look,

Coffee Business Name Ideas

  • Creative Coffee Shop

Coffee bliss

Hot Espresso

Caffeine Hot

Caffe Blast

Strong Beige

Coffee Hazel


Hot Espresso


Caffee Mocha

Brewya Kaffi


  • Coffee House Names

Hot joe

Coffee Chat

Hot beige

Coffee era

Strong Corner

Coffee Lounge

Caffeine Bar

Mocha House

Snack n Latte

Latte Ark


Caf Themes

  • Best Coffee Shop Names

Frappuchi Mood

Joe Brewiya

Mochachi Royale

Macchiato Craves

Zip Coffea

Latte Zip

Cappucci Cabin

Moka Pot

Mr. Caff

Barista Lounge

Coffee Kingston

Coffee Kingston

  • Catchy Coffee Shop Names



Fresh Caff

Hot Themes

D Caf

Americano Cabin

Frapuchi Corner

Royale Caffeine

Black Tastes

Caffeine Buds

Zesty Station

Latte Dreams

  • Fancy Cafe Names

Fission Ochre

Macchiato Craves

Fresh Moments

Zip Coffea

Royale Barista

Roast Aroma

Latte Zip

Mr. Caff

Barista Lounge

Blackish Sweet

Royal Brewery

Aroma Station

  • Classy Coffee Shop Names


Royal Zest

Caffema Brewery

Mocha Originals

Extra Black

CHhilly Beige

Espresso Royale

Mocha Print

Fresh Flavs

Kingston Zips

Latte House

Royal Brews

  • Cool Cafe Names

Coffee Silo



Heliz Brew






Beige Zip

Black Zesta


  • Coffee Bean Shop Names

Fresh Picks

Blakish Roasts

Roazt Point

Brown Beanz

Brown Stocks

Creamy Beans

Barista Beans

Royal Supply

Roasty Seeds

Roastery Classiq


Black Beanz

Origin Stories of Popular Coffee Brand Names


In the process of brainstorming ideas for the coffee brand, the co-founder Gordon Bowker’s friend Terry Heckler who is in the advertising pointed out that the names with the prefix “st” are more powerful compared to others. Then the famous character Starbuck in the novel “Moby Dick” came to the arena and became the identity of the multibillion worth commercial chain. .

Dunkin' Donut

Rosenberg's restaurant was initially called "Open Kettle." Then, according to business folklore, a restaurant architect was motivated by the concept of dipping doughnuts in coffee. Open Kettle was renamed Dunkin' Donuts in 1950. .


McCafé is a subsidiary of McDonald's, hence the name. That is why the name Mc is associated with the McCafé name .

Costa Coffee

Brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa a coffee roastery named Costa Coffee which is in their family name, in London around 1971 that supplied to local caterers and Italian coffee shops and then became a coffee shop chain which is a subsidiary of the Coca Cola company. .

As now you have the knowledge in naming a coffee shop and an idea about the world-famous coffee brand names there is no challenge in finding the best name for your cafe.

A little Heads up from Us For You

  • Make a blasting business plan for your coffee shop.
  • Find the best location for your coffee shop.
  • Prepare a great floor plan.
  • Representing a positive attitude would be a plus point.