Attractive E-Commerce Business Name Ideas

Looking For a Super-Duper Name For Your E-Commerce Business? ?

You are planning to start an E-Commerce business and that is why now you are looking for a business name. So as you are on the track you have to remember when choosing a name you have to be so much careful and think not once not twice but as much as you can by taking time before choosing “The Name” because it will be your business’s identity and once you go public there is going back.

It is a bit pressurizing right? But do not worry because Crivon is here to guide you to find the best name for your E-Commerce Business.

Did You Know That?

For the first time, the term E-commerce (electronic commerce) was contrived and operated by Dr. Robert Jacobson, Principal Consultant to the California State Assembly's Utilities & Commerce Committee, in the title and text of California's Electronic Commerce Act (1984).

What Type of Name is Suitable for an e-Commerce Store?

The importance of a good name to an E-Commerce business is nothing shocking because it is the identity of your brand or the business that has the power to make or break it, the power to attract the target customers, power to stand out from the others, and be unique, power to take you higher and higher to the success. So to select the best name, you must know what kind of name is suitable.

So what type of name would be perfect for an e-commerce store? Do you have any idea? Okay, let’s have a look.

  • An Attractive Name -: A name that has the power to attract potential customers.
  • A Unique Name-: A name that is not too hard to remember or spell so that everyone can search for it and reach it without any difficulties.
  • A Potential Name -: A name with brand-building potential.

  • Now it is roughly clear what type of name is suitable. But do you have any idea to choose a good one without making any mistakes?

    How to Come up With a Great Name for an e-Commerce Store?

    The thought of finding a good business name can be a bit tempting because that name is the thing that decides the fate of the business. You might be in a bit of confusion about how to find a good name. No need to worry because there are a number of ways to get business names.

    • Business Name Generators
    • E-Commerce Business Name Generators
    • Branding Specialists
    • Brand Selling Websites
    • Domain Selling Websites
    • On Your Own

    How to Select the Best Without Making Any Mistakes?

    1. Make sure not to imitate your competitors so that you can be unique.
    2. Be aware that it has to be simple.
    3. No fooling around with funny words, numbers, tongue-twisting words, or words with negative meanings while choosing the name.
    4. Try to be specific and not generic.
    5. Don’t go pancakes and bolt nuts and try to be relevant.

    Trending Words

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    Attractive E-Commerce Store Name Ideas

    1. Online Clothing Store Names.
      • Women’s Clothing Stores
      • Men’s Clothing Stores
      • Kids Clothing Stores
    2. Online Accessory Store Names.
    3. Online Fashion Store Names.
    4. Online Pet Supply Store Names.
    5. Creative online Store Names.

    World Popular E-Commerce Stores and Their Names

    1. eBay -: In 1995 founded as AuctionWeb by the computer programmer Pierre Omidyar. It soon became the first online auction site allowing person-to-person transactions. Then in 1997 the company officially changed the name to eBay after Echo Bay Technology Group which is the name of Omidyar's consulting firm.

    2. Rakuten -: In 1997 the MDM, Inc. was founded by Hiroshi Mikitani, the online shopping marketplace. Then in 1999, the name was changed to Rakuten which means “Optimism” in Japanese.

    3. Amazon -:Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994. But at first, it was initially known as “Cadabra” which was inspired by the magic word “Abracadabra” but his lawyer suggested not to go along with the name. Then he was not able to find the perfect name so he registered his business under,,, and also. At that time website listings were alphabetized. So Bezos wanted a name that started with an “A” so as he was going through the section of “A” in the dictionary he came across the name “Amazon” which is the largest river in the world which he thought was the best.

    4. Aliexpress-: This is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group which was founded by Jack Ma who was an English teacher, inspired by the name of the Arabic story “Alibaba and the forty thieves” when naming the company. So the online retail service owned by the group became Aliexpress.

    E-Commerce Business Name Ideas

    • Women's Clothing

    Online Vouge



    Glam Clicks


    Glammery Lane

    Madam RoyalE

    E Fammes

    Charming Dreamz

    Dreamy Aisle

    Mommys Cart

    Celebrity Look

    • Mens Clothing



    Tough Looks

    SixPack Cart

    Mod Royals

    Handy Trendz


    Agent House

    House of Boyz

    Boyz Picks

    Men's Coice

    Looky Chad

    • Kids Clothing

    Baby Kingdom

    Fab KIds

    Elfin House

    Little Steps


    Princess Island

    Top Kiddies

    Mommies Love

    E Kidz


    Hero Choice

    Mod Kids

    • Online Accessory Store


    Cyber outlet

    Cyber Deals


    Daily Clicks


    Virtual Offers


    Webby Outlet




    • Online Fashion Store Names



    Tele Fabs

    Easy Picks

    Beyond Com


    Virt Looks

    Clicky Fashion

    Celeb World


    Digi Mall

    Trendy Hub

    • Creative online Store Names













    As well as choosing a name that best suits your Advertising Company. We can guide you to achieve success in that business.

    If you're opening a Digital Marketing company, look at our Digital Marketing Company Name Ideas, and if you're opening a Social Media Business, look at our Social Media Business Name Ideas.


    How Important is a Domain Availability Check and Registering to an E-Commerce Store

    After selecting the perfect name for your eCommerce business, immediately you have to register your name. Why register as soon as possible is that important?

    Registering a business name is compulsory because you become the sole owner of the name legally after registering. If you do not hurry, someone else could register the same name that you have chosen.

    After selecting the perfect name for your eCommerce business immediately you have to register your name. Why register as soon as possible is that important?

    Registering a business name is compulsory because you become the sole owner of the name legally after registering. If you do not hurry someone else could register the same name that you have chosen.

    After selecting a name you must not directly go public and start doing business because there is no guarantee that someone else is not going to take your name. For an online business, this is too critical. After building your brand for a long time you might lose the business to someone else if you are not registered because if someone else registers the name that you have built can claim your business because legally he owns the name.

    And the next worse scenario is if you start a business without doing a domain availability check and registering you might not know if there is a business registered with the same name. If that happens that could cause huge damage to your business.

    So to avoid this type of havoc happening as soon as you select the name you have to do a domain availability check whether the name is available or not to register. If it is available you can immediately register it through a domain registrar. If it is not available you have to go to your second-best option.

    How does a TLD affect an E-Commerce Store Name?

    As you are going to start an eCommerce business you must know you need a domain to make a website.

    • What is a Domain
    • A domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website.

      Ex -: If your business is “ABC” your domain can be “”

    • What is a TLD
    • Top Level Domains

    • Prepare a great floor plan.
    • What are the TLDs
    • “.com” “.net” “.org” (These three are the most popular domains)

    So when you are registering your business name you have to choose the domain. Selecting the best domain is what you have to do if you want to be the one that everyone searches for.

    TLDs are the most searched domains. We also tend to search what we need to find with “.com”, “.net” or “.org”. Mostly or every time we type “.com” with every name that we want to search. That is the truth. So having a TLD could really affect your online presence and brand awareness because if someone searches for the brand after seeing or hearing the name while guessing the name with the “.com” but if you are with “.biz” or “.club” something like that they will never reach you and they will stop trying to reach.

    We recommend the “.com” domain because it is for commercial websites and the most popular domain among everyone.

    With this information now you might have the basic knowledge to select the best name for your e-commerce business. Happy to be an aide in your endeavors. Good luck with a good name.

    Hope You Find The Best Toy Company Name Ever…!!