Great Event Planning Company Names

How Important is a Good Name to an Event Planning Company?

The name of your event planning company has the duty to attract potential customers, Stand out from the competitors, and grab attention while establishing the idea of your business. That means those one or two words are something that has a great load of responsibility on them.

That means the selection of your company name must be done with great care and responsibility. Because it has the power to take you to either the top of the world or down the hill.

Remember -:The Company Name is Your Calling Card

What is the Best Way to Find a Good Event Planning Name?

As we all know, event planning has excitement to its very core and you have chosen the business as you are passionate about the industry choosing the name on your own is the best even though that there are other options and they have both pros and cons.

  1. Use your creativity, innovative power, and research skills to assemble the possible naming solutions related to event planning.
  2. Use your analytical skills to compare and shortlist the best options that you have gathered according to your taste.
  3. Do a test run of your name choices with a selected group of people. So that you can get other points of view and reconsider if needed.
  4. Check the availability of the names register and be the proud owner of your business name.

This might give you the impression that this naming process is so easy. But no, this is serious business, you have to take it slow, you have to be thoughtful, you have to think over and over. Take your time and find “The One”. No hurries.

Great Event Planning Company Name Ideas

  • Simple & classy event company names

Magical Moments

Perfect Events

Event Trendz

Sharo Events

Dream Planners

Glam Evenings

Trendy Plans



Magzon Professionals

Glam Celebrations

Trendy Royale

  • Casual Event Management Company Names

Debby Productions

Gold Gatherings

Cadmin Events

WhiteO Planners

Cabin Events

Silaz Occasions

Celebration Point

Happily Ever

  • High-end Event Planner Names

Uptown Events

Scarlet Moments

Royal Gatherings

Elegent Designs

Lushy Moments

Lavish Events

Sapphire Designs

Elegant Outcomes

  • Wedding Planning Business Names

Dream Weddings

Bride's Choice

BigDay Planners

Dreamy Moments

Perfect Day

Hearty Desire

Wedding Promises

Petals Studio

Romance Events

Wedding Dreams

Magical Moments

Perfect Elements

  • Party Decorating Company Names

Planning Pros

Glemdo Professionals

Glam Decors

Pro Decorations

Precision Look

Pro Perfect

Glam Plannings

Perfect Details

Fantastic Events

Event Essentials

Event Preps

Decor Pros

  • Catering Service Names

Chef Touch


Tasty Service

Grand Caterers

Party Toasts

Grilling Caterersrs

Feasty Catering

Spicy Service


Foody Gallery

Spice Hope

Taste Point

How Top Event Planning Companies Named Their Companies

In the above topic, we have presented you with name ideas for different types of event planning businesses. But you must be a little bit confused about words that are related for you to use. The following are some of the words that you could give a try.

1. Bassett Events, Inc.

  • Founder -:Jennifer Bassett
  • Naming Trend -:Named after the founders family name “Bassett”

2. A Perfect Event

  • Founder -: Debi Lilly
  • Naming Trend -:Using traditional words to make the name.

3. MKG

  • Founder -:Christine Capone
  • Naming Trend -:Using Acronyms

4. Visit Orlando

  • CEO -:Casandra Matej
  • Location -:Orlando, Florida
  • Naming Trend -:Using the name of the location.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Event Planning Company Name

    Make Sure,

  • That your name embodies celebration, happiness, and whimsy
  • That your name reflects joy, emotion, and longevity
  • That your name is formal, powerful, and prestigious
  • That your name is unique among your rivals
  • That your name has the power to attract potential customers

Now, do you have an idea about naming your company? Yes right. Good, throughout this page, we have suggested the best event company names and other useful things that related to naming an event planning company to inspire and to help you get your event business name. If not you can take some time and go through it again.

Trending Words in Event Planning Business

In the above topic, we have presented you with name ideas for different types of event planning businesses. But you must be a little bit confused about words that are related for you to use. The following are some of the words that you could give a try.





















Few World-Famous Event Planning Companies & Brands

Knowing how the famous Event Planning Companies named their companies and what types of words, techniques they have used name will be good for you so that you can select the best out of best which is suitable for your Event Planning Company.

Bassett Events, Inc

A Perfect Event




Rafanelli Events

Royal DSM

Parkinson Foundation

Colin Cowie

Oren Co


Visit Orlando

David Tutera


Lincoln Financial Group

MGM Resorts