Catchy Fruit Business Name Ideas

2021 is the United Nations’ Year of Fruits and Vegetables. Did you know that? How did that happen? Actually with the pandemic situation circling the globe has inspired the western world in gardening. That’s why and when the UN had made fruits and vegetables an important component of their messaging.

Want to Own a Fruit Business With Sky Rocketing Profits?

Starting a fruit business in the International Year of the Fruits and Vegetables would be a turning point so you can start the process by selecting a name right away.

Then You Must Know What to Get?

You can use just a word or a combination of words as your fruit business name but is it “The One”? When selecting and finalizing the name for your fruit business you must be confident that this is it because it is going to be the business’s identity. So how can you make sure that you are on the right track? We have listed out a few things that might clear your doubts.

  • Using a simple name is what we recommend because simple things get through the human mind easily compared to complex
  • Using a memorable name could ensure your brand a long-term life because they are hardly forgotten
  • Consider the niche in the process of selecting a name. It does not mean that you should use obvious words like “fruit” in the        name. A totally unique name like “FreZusa” also has a good vibe. But words like “Happy, Sunshine” are not quite sure

  • Then You Must Know How to Get One?

    There are a number of ways that you can get fruit business names but only a few of them are up to the standard.

  • You can always make a name by yourself. By going through some steps like Brainstorming, Using a Thesaurus, Listing      Out,Getting Feedback, Select the one, Check Availability, and Register.
  • You can try a Name Generator. There are Brand name generators, Business name generators, and Fruit business name      generators. Select a few and try.
  • Reaching out to Branding Professionals. There are professionals who create names for a fee. It is also an option you have.
  • Brand name-selling websites are also there. Google and try them too.

  • You might wonder what kind of words that you could use. There are a few under the following topic.

    Some of the Words Suitable for a Fruit Business Name

























    Things to Consider Before Choosing a Fruit Business Name

    • Fruit Business Name Ideas

    Green Cart

    Vita Carts

    Greeny Basket

    Fruit fFesta


    Green Grocers

    Tasty Ripe

    Freshy Magic

    Tasty Ripe

    Nutra Squash

    Fresh Picks


    • Dried Fruit Business Name Ideas

    Fruit Buddy

    Natura Crisps

    Crispy Greens

    Fruity Crunchies

    Nut Kleins

    Crunch Munch


    Frutty Nutty

    Sunrich Fruits

    Sundry Island

    Fruit Coast

    Browned Nuts

    • Fruit Juice Business Name Ideas

    Jucy Lush

    Juicy Squash

    Nectar House

    Lemonades Corner

    Smoothie Plus

    Fruto Baves

    Icy Splash

    Jucy Collection

    Smoothie Splash

    Fresh Flavours

    Fresh Squeezy

    Fresh eEixir

    • Fruit Stand Name Ideas

    Fruuty Seasonals

    DeliN finest


    Freshy Cart


    Freshlo Yard

    Tangy House

    Flovour Corner


    Deli Acres

    Freshy Stall


    • Fruit Shop Names

    Green Grocers

    Orange Buzz

    Fruit Valley

    Fresh Mart

    Greeny Side

    Mornin Vitas

    Fruit shack

    Tarti Valley

    Spring Orchard

    Tree to Basket

    Fresh Picks

    Vita Corner

    • Fruit Shake Business Name Ideas

    Shake Queen

    Icy Shakes

    Jucy Lovers

    Berry Smoothy


    Green Shakes

    Freezy Breezy

    Coco Twist

    Sweet Sisters

    Heavenly Shakes

    Fresh Press

    Fresh Taste

    • Best Fruit Snacks Business Name Ideas

    Berry Pro

    Finest Collections

    Tropical Fiesta

    Tasty Mix

    Munchy Fiesta


    Honey Blast

    Frozen Fruitees

    Divine Flavours


    Fine Exotics

    Scarlet Ripes

    • Fruit And Veg Company Names


    Freshy Picks

    Healthy Aisle

    Veggies n Fruitees

    Green Lane

    Fresh Fair

    All Greens

    Fresh Bazaar

    Fresh Piks

    Farm to Cart

    Today's Fresh

    Happy Greens

    • Juice Company Names

    Icy Squeeze

    Feshy O

    Blend Time


    Freezy Breezy

    Fruty Boom

    Cherry Splash

    Orangy Drops

    Soda factory


    Nectar House

    Leafiz Squash

    • Smoothie Bar Names

    Cherry Blast

    Smoothie Life

    Smash Splash

    Berry BeatZ


    Smoothy Vibes

    Starw Start

    Smoothie Smash

    Perky Papaya

    Smoothie Time

    Fruit Fun

    Mixed Flavs

    • Unique Fruit Company Names





    Fruity Vibes


    Q Mio


    Greeni Vio

    Zilong Fruits

    Berry Q


    • Best Canning Fruit Business Names

    Fruity Preserves

    Pure n Fresh

    Greeny Cans

    Canned Naturals


    Juicy Preserves

    Canny Conserves


    Sanro Fruits

    Tristo Preserves

    Fruty Blast

    Smash Splash

    • Attractive Fruit Shop Names

    Trutti Frutty

    Freshy Berry

    Delly Tropicals

    Fruit Blast

    Fresh Fresh

    Tree to Cart

    Pro Pear

    Sandra's Exotics




    Lusious Flavs

    • Fruit Company Names



    Healthy Fruitos

    Fruit Buddy


    Fresh Royale

    Green Isle

    Farm de Fresh

    Friut Waves

    Fresh Stocks

    Flavour Land

    Fruit Masters

    • Fresh Fruit Business Names

    Fresh Picks


    Viva Orchards

    Nature Mades

    Miki Fruiteria

    Natura Arch

    Fruity Bliss

    Nina’s Fruits

    Bene Fruits

    Fruuty Seasonals

    Greeni Vio

    Fruity Vibes

    • Fruit Market Name Ideas

    Finest Collections

    Citrus Aisle

    Fruity Lanee

    Feisty Fruits

    Fresh Islands

    Tasty Piks

    Fruit Castle

    Green Cartel


    Flav Ville

    Tasty Bunch

    Freshy Acre

    • Organic Fruit Store Names

    Epic Fresh

    Finest Organics

    Green Cart

    Magic Organics

    Greeny Aisle

    Grower Paradise

    Macy's Organics

    Natural Flavours

    Helathy Blast

    Fresh Harvest

    Ripe Organics

    Finest Picks

    • Fruit Pulp Business Name Ideas

    Finest Flavours

    Fleshy Blast

    Tasty Pasty

    Fruity Smash

    Crunchy Pastes

    Flavour Blast

    Fruity Spreads

    Berry Smash

    Citrucy Paste

    Flav Spreadings

    Fruity Smashers

    Fruit Crunch

    • Mobile Fruit Stand Names

    Fresh Cart

    Family Picks


    Zappy Flavours

    Green Basket

    Fresh Haul

    Fruity Fresh

    Fruitzy Truck

    Truck De Green

    Freshez Carts

    Corny Cart

    Frutery Wagon

    • Names for Specific Fruit Businesses

    Berry Thoughts

    Andy’s Apple

    Papaw masters

    Melon Yard

    Guava Lane

    Peach stall

    Cherry Dreams

    Orange Delight

    Grape Days

    Pear Aisle

    Pineapple fiesta

    Cranberry stall

    Things to Consider Before Choosing a Fruit Business Name

    1. Whether the name is memorable?
    2. Is the name easy to pronounce and spell?
    3. Make sure not to include numbers because it makes a business name complex in some aspects
    4. A name, Clothing, or Fashion industry-relevant name
    5. Make sure whether it is available to purchase and own
    6. Do a check for duplicates, whether there is a business or brand same as yours or similar to yours because if there is, it can be a problem

    Popular Fruit Businesses & Brands in the World

    amwell fruit industry

    Founded In -: 2010.

    Founder -:Mark and Louise Berry.

    Headquarters -:-United Kingdom.

    Revenue -:$1.34 million.

    berkane fruit industry

    Headquarters -:Antwerpen, Belgium

    Revenue -:$ 907,716

    chiquita fruit industry

    Founded In -: 1870.

    Founder -:Lorenzo Dow Baker.

    Headquarters -:Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.

    dole fruit industry

    Founded In -: 1851.

    Founder -: Samuel Northrup Castle, Amos Starr Cooke.

    Headquarters -:Westlake Village, California, United States.

    Revenue -:4.566 billion USD.

    Fruit Business Competitor Name Analysis

    stemilt fruit competitors

    About the name -: This name Stemilt totally has been able to steal the attention of the customers as it is a single word. It is simple, easy to remember, easy to pronounce. The part ‘Stem’ could be related to fruit trees.

    Character count -: 07

    Memorable -: The vocabulary score higher than 6 depicts that it can be pronounced without great difficulty that means memorizing it also is not so difficult.

    Vocabulary score -: 6.07 (which is recommended as Brand name).

    gebbers-farms fruit competitors

    About the name -: This name is a unique name compared to other popular names as it is the family name of the owners. Also, it’s a memorable name. The word farm is descriptive in aspects of the fruit business.

    Character count -: 12.

    Memorable -: This name is memorable. Yet, as the vocabulary score says it is a little bit difficult to pronounce which applies to memorability by making it a little bit harder to memorize.

    Vocabulary score -:The vocabulary score of ‘Gebbers’ is 5.24.

    borton-fruit competitors

    About the name -: It’s a catchy name compared to other popular names and ‘Borton’ is also the family name.

    Character count -: 11

    Memorable -: The word “Borton” has a vocabulary score higher than 8 which makes it a super brand name. That means it is super easy to pronounce. Easy to pronounce = Easy to memorize.

    Vocabulary score -:The vocabulary score of “Borton” is 8.52 (Which is perfect as a brand name).

    zirkle fruit competitors

    About the name -: It gives the meaning to be the top among others and a fruit group that relates the name to the fruit industry.

    Character count -: 6

    Memorable -: Even though that “Zirkle” is a single word it is a little bit complex to pronounce according to the vocabulary score and that affects memorability also. So it can be a little bit hard to memorize it.

    Vocabulary score -:The vocabulary score of “Zirkle” is 2.14

    How Easy is Starting a Fruit Business?

    FYI -Fresh fruit sales across the U.S. account for more than $15 billion dollars a year in sales, making it a very high-value and highly competitive market to compete in.

    1. Do your research on the industry and the competitors
    2. Make a good business plan
    3. Find a good location
    4. Be careful when selecting the suppliers and the staff
    5. Keep getting updated on the new trends and prices
    6. Decide the target market
    7. Make sure to list out everything you need
    8. Start working along with a budget
    9. Select the perfect name
    10. Go legal

    Marketing Standards For Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

    The following are some of the points that we have come across about the marketing standards for fresh fruits and vegetables that could come in handy to you.

  • Should be clean
  • Should be intact
  • Should be in a good condition
  • Should be free from pests
  • Should be free from damage caused by pests affecting the flesh
  • Should be free of abnormal external moisture
  • Should be free of foreign smell or taste
  • Should be sufficiently developed/ripe, but not overdeveloped/overripe