Good Pharmaceutical Business Names

FYI - There are over 1500 promising Pharma Startups & Scaleups emerging now all over the world

As now you are reading this you are one of the entrepreneurs who are willing to start your own pharmaceutical business. The industry is evolving with revolutionary changes like merging with Artificial intelligence, big data & analytics, Flexible production, Precision Medicine, and many others. So you have chosen the right time to enter this everlasting profit mine. Apart from that, minimal capital and space make this business perfect for young entrepreneurs like you.

You can see that with the development of the technology, economy and the world this competition in the industry is also getting tougher day by day. To keep up in the race you have to be the best so that your target customers’ first choice would be you. So to be unique and be the first choice is not going to be so easy. So as the first step you can choose the best name.

How to Choose the Best Name to be Everyone’s 1st Choice?

You can make a name on your own. It is your business so you are the perfect person to do it. But you have to be careful. It is not just a name, it is your business’s identity.

Steps to Select a Pharmaceutical Business Name on Your Own

  1. Idea Bank -:Prepare a word bank by collecting suitable ideas according to your sense.
  2. Others Opinions -:You are choosing a name for your business targeting a particular group of people. So taking some opinions from colleagues would be good for you in the process.
  3. The List -: Shortlist your final pickings
  4. Trade Mark Research -:Do TMR so that you can make sure the names that you prefer available for you to register.
  5. Register -: If the names that you prefer are available choose the most preferred one and register as soon as possible then be the legal owner of the name.

Important Things to Consider -: Professionality, Keep it Short n Simple, Authenticity, Uniqueness, Just letters, Creativity, Relevancy, Searchable, Memorable, Target Audience

Avoid -: Common Names, Imitating, Numbers, Complex words, Irrelevancy, Negative ties

How a Good Pharma Business Name Should Be?

  • * Relevant to the Pharma Niche
  • * Unique in the Competition Field of Pharma
  • * Attractive Enough to Grab the Attention of Potential Customers
  • * Professional Enough to Instill Trust About Your Business in the Mind of the Target Audience
  • * Simple, Because Simplicity Could Do Much More Than the Complexity.
  • * Flexible,So that Your Business Grow in Many Levels

Creative Pharmaceutical Business Names

  • Pharmacy Names

Best Care

Xpress Medi


Health Line

Tabs n Caps

Nue Care

Central Meds

Brandon Drugs

Lyfe Care

Fam Care

Premium Drugs

Medi Line

  • Pharmaceutical Company Names









Pharmo Labs




  • Ayurvedic Business Names

Natura Collectives

Herb Heal

Siddha Natruo

Calmy Meds


Natural Healz

Herbo Apothacries

Herby Medz

Piyo Meds

Natural Essenz

Orbix Natura

Oztone Herbs

  • Healthcare Company Names

Alpha Meds



Pharma Range

Multi Meds

Quality Diagnose

Xpress Care


Medz Solutions


Surg Supps

Urgent Meds

  • Online Pharmacy Names

e Meds

Digi Pharma

Web Medz

Care E

Pharma Online

Med Net

Nextro Pharma

Webby Care

Web CliniQ


E Medinar

Techy Meds

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Characteristics of a Good Pharmaceutical Business Name

It is not rocket science that determines a good pharma business name. After seeing or hearing the name of the people who could grab the idea that this is a pharmaceutical business there is the first characteristic.

A person might face some situations in deciding between two different pharmaceutical businesses and if they choose you over your rival. You are the boss. There goes the third one.

In a situation that a person asks a friend through a text to recommend a good place or a good brand for pharmaceuticals and if the friend could send your name in a jiffy with no typing hassles. There is another characteristic.

Leading Pharmaceutical Companies in the World

1. ohnson & Johnson (J&J)

  • Founded in -:1886
  • Headquarters -:United States of America
  • Founder -:Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson, and Edward Mead Johnson
  • Story Behind the Name -:Named after the founders’ family name “Johnson”
  • Changes of the Name -:“Archer-Daniels Linseed Company” got the “Midland Linseed Products Company” and then became “Archer Daniels Midland Company”

2. Pfizer Inc.

  • Founded in -:1849
  • Headquarters -:United States of America
  • Founder -: Charles Pfizer, Charles F. Erhart
  • Story Behind the Name -:Named after one of the founders’ family name “Pfizer”

3. Novartis International AG

  • Founded in -:1996
  • Headquarters -:Switzerland
  • Founder -: Johann Rudolf, Alexander Clavel
  • Story Behind the Name -:Ciba-Geigy, and Sandoz merged and became “Novartis”

4. Merck & Co.

  • Founded in -:1891
  • Headquarters -:United States of America
  • Founder -: Theodore Weicker, George Merck
  • Story Behind the Name -:Named after one of the founders’ family name “Merck”

Popular Medical Company Names in the USA

For the people who are looking for the leading medical companies in the USA

3M Health Care Business

A & Z Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Aavis Pharmaceuticals

Prasco Laboratories

Prinston Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Radius Health, Inc.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Wellstat Therapeutics Corp.

X-GEN Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Amgen, Inc.

Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc

Advanz Pharma

Akorn, Inc

Alfasigma USA, Inc.

Alimera Sciences

Zydus Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.

We hope you get a glorious name!