Powerful Solar Company Names

What Type of Name Do People Expect as a Solar Company Name?

Solar companies or solar businesses solely engage with Solar Energy as it is their main source. So a company that works with high power energy hence the name of that company must be an Energetic Name

The word “Solar” has a great vibe to it. As soon as we hear the word things like Light, Fire, Energy, Heat, Power, and every other thing related to the sun.

So we can guess that your target audience expects something powerful, energetic and bright, and related to the sun. So you have to make sure to select the best and a related name in order to be the one that everyone seeks.

First of all, let's get some idea about the names of some existing solar companies in the world

Popular Solar Company Name Analysis

First of all, let's get some idea about the names of some existing solar companies in the worl

  1. JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd. (JKS) -:This name is included with the word “Solar” which makes it related to the business. And according to the urban dictionary the word "Jinko" is a multi-purpose word that could be used in any situation or used as an adjective to describe something. But in Japanese "Jinko" means the smell of incense which is not too compatible with the niche.
  2. Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ) -: Has the word “Solar” as it is a solar company that we can acknowledge as related. The location of the headquarters “Canada” is also used as part of the name.
  3. SunPower Corp. (SPWR) -:Both words “Sun” and “Power” totally goes with the industry. And related to energy and solar perfectly.
  4. SolarEdge Technologies Inc. (SEDG) -: The word “Solar” is in the name itself which self explains the business behind the name.

Things to Consider Before Selecting Your Solar Company

You can't select just a name as your business and go public. You can do it but it is not going to do anything good for your business. So when choosing your name make sure to consider following so that you do not have to regret it in the future.

  • Avoid complicated words
  • Don't use any words that could limit your company’s growth
  • Try to be simple as you can
  • Conduct trademark research
  • Evaluate your name whether it is memorable, easy to spel
  • Focus on relevance
  • Get expert feedback
  • Make sure that you love i

Powerful Solar Company Names

  • Powerful Solar Company Names

Worrds liks "Hot", "Energy", "Solar", "Sun", "Power" totally has the vibe that is suitable for a Solar Business Name. So we have used these words in different ways along with words like "Techs", "Eco", "Clean" to complete the names as perfect business names. Take a look.

Hot Beats

Solar Fluxo




Energy Mazz


Solis Energy




Ray Solutions






Solar Solutions

Power Solarzo

Green Power


Sun Energizers

Solar Grabs

Cleen Power

Solar Techs

Solar High

Solar Bank

Power Den

How the Top Designing Companies Got Their Names?

  1. Gensler -:The global designing and architecture firm “Gensler” is named after two of the founders’ family names who are accordingly Arthur Gensler Jr. & Drue Gensler.
  2. Perkins Will -:This is a global design practice which is named after its founders Lawrence Perkins and Philip Will.
  3. Stantec Inc.-:This is an international professional service company in design and named after the founder D. R. Stanley.
  4. CallisonRTKL -: This is a global architecture, planning, and design firm which was formed by merging Callison and RTKL Associates. Hence the name became what now it is.

Things That You Must Not Do When Naming Your Solar Business

  • Do not use words with negative meanings.
  • Do not use numbers in the name.
  • Do not use any word that can be recognized as an imitation.
  • Do not use tongue twisters or riddles.
  • Do not use special characters.
  • Try to avoid generic words.
  • Do not use a sentence or a clause.