Creative Toy Company Name Ideas

Toys are popular among kids and with adults also and have a daily increasing demand that never dies so this particular industry is increasing in sales day by day.We see that starting a business in this industry is very profitable. So the first step to starting such a business is to choose a good name first. Typically toys also have qualities and your brand name should reflect the values of toys you are selling.

Tips for You to Consider Before Naming Your Business

Need a little effort to name your Toy Company in the right way. Also, Your Toy Company name should convey a clear message about your company or business. Because of that, we will see how to name your Toy Company using the following tips.

01. Brainstorm and make a list of toy company names

  • First, note down all the names that you found
  • After that, think about names by yourself and make a list.

  • 02. Delete “Hard to Spell and Read” Names

    If your business names are spelled hard and people can’t remember them, avoid those names. So you could lose a lot of users. Other than that if your business name spells easy and easy to remember, a lot of users will reach your business.

    03. Don’t pick a name that limits your business growth

    On this point, Business owners should not add religious words and casual names as business names for their business. Because it will help owners to move to another business in the future.

    As an example, now you plan to start a toy business. But after 5 years, you may think of spreading your business to move to another side. Because of that, don’t be too specific on this point.

    04.Conduct a thorough internet search

    When taking an internet-friendly name for our business we should try different business name generators, ask questions on different sites and ask suggestions from Facebook friends.

    Through an internet search, you can find if someone has already picked the name you selected and you will be able to find a name that might rank in Search Engines easily.

    05.Get the .com domain name

    When we start a business, we need a domain name and it is required to make a website. Your business name should match your domain name and it will be helpful for online business not only in the sense of branding but also for the legal protection of your brand.

    06.Convey a message

    At this point, we should give an idea to users, "What type of toys are you selling", "Are you selling plastic toys or wood toys" and "Are you selling homemade toys".

    07.Conduct a trademark search

    Through an Internet search, you can know the availability of your business name. If someone took your business name once you can't be trademarked again.

    Use online resources like the US Patent and Trademark Office to check if you can trademark your brand name.

    08.Get feedback on the name

    Getting feedback from others is very important. Because naming a business is not a simple thing. You should consider other's minds too. Get feedback from your family members, friends, office colleagues, and especially the potential customers if possible. It will help you to choose a better name for your business.

    09.Make sure the name sounds good when said aloud

  • Make your toy business name memorable, make it easy.
  • Keep your toy business name simple.

  • 10.Use resources available for brainstorming the toy company name ideas

    There are many resources that could give you toy company name ideas. You can use brand name generators, brand name marketplaces, and other online resources to get a clear idea of how the naming works.

    11.Finalize Your Toy store name idea

    You should be happy with the selected business name personally.

    Toy Company Name Suggestions from Us

    • Creative Toy Company Name Ideas

    Creative is everything to Toy. So creative names like “YoYo Toys”, “Pocca Bears ”, and “Panda Play” are suitable for any business related to Toy Company as they go along with the Toy Business. In this topic, we'll give you a few creative name ideas related to the toy company as follows.

    YoYo Toys

    Toymore Store

    LilElfs Studio

    Powerup Rangers

    Gear studio

    Woody Chuks

    Zwoom Trains

    Pocca Bears

    Artifact Childrens


    Cliffords Store

    Panda Play

    • Catchy Toy Company Name Ideas

    If we give name ideas as catchy, we can get more users' attraction. Because catchy names are attractive and easy to remember.

    Fluffy Kids




    Kiddie play



    LillFairy Toys

    Knickknacks place

    Josta Knights

    matoyi Worriers

    Toyswaw items

    • Unique Toy Company Name Ideas

    If we want a unique name we should avoid familiar words and create new names. These are the unique name ideas related to toy companies.


    juguetes Legos

    Miniature shop

    Kidzzo funzone


    Gaico Leplay

    Baby Mall

    Calvo Fed

    Hot Toys

    Happy Tariff

    Toy Rafter

    Toy Booster

    • Cool Toy Company Name Ideas

    When we take the cool names, those are easy to spell and sound easy. Therefore starting a business with a cool name is suitable for business owners and they can be important in the future.

    Toy Gamey

    Drool House

    Teddy Moll

    Hamleys Pinata

    Toy Enzio

    Toy Vita

    Cool Jalapino

    Toy Ogma

    Champloo Pret

    Play Fibro

    Toy Loreena

    Xidi Curate

    • Doll Toy Company Name Ideas

    We suggested a few doll company name ideas as below.

    Cute Doll


    Smarty Doll


    Smiley Queen

    Kingdom Jenny

    Tiky Toys

    Happy Dr

    Doll YoYo


    Red Alloy

    Sweaty Doll

    • Toy Store Name Ideas

    The Toy store name should be simple and Straightforward. We give a few toy store name ideas for you.

    Game Boy

    Toylike Daff

    PupPet House

    Toy Soccer

    Basket Ludo

    Sportive Shop

    Cache Slinky

    Stock Garner

    Dota Fao

    Reposit Sporter

    Toy Stapler

    Play Tub

    Toy Chaine

    Gobble Mall

    Knick Pet

    Gecko Pup

    Gyro Hess

    Ken stray

    Top Teddy

    Attic Ball

    • Cute Toy Company Name Ideas

    Most of the users love pretty and cute names. We suggested some cute toy company name ideas for you.

    Funny Santa

    Yellow Toy

    Browny Monkey

    Sweater Pup

    Cute Tomy

    Kittyy House

    Bear Yos

    Cache Toy

    Toy Daff

    Toy Yo Yos

    Favour Line

    Game Shop

    • Baby Toy Company Name Ideas

    Typically babies playing with something at any time. Also, they are happy doing those activities. So a lot of Baby Toys Companies give creative name ideas related to babies’ activities. These are the baby toy company name ideas suggested by us.

    Baby Daff

    Playful Baby

    Ludology Pitl

    Baby Game

    Kids Garden

    Polo Store

    Baby Bazaar

    Happy Yos

    • Best Toy Company Name Ideas

    Finding the best name and taking it is the best investment in the future for business owners. We suggested some best toy company name ideas as follows.

    Stockish Line

    Toy Park

    Esport Tin

    Cache Pallon

    Toy Bank

    Ping Store

    Toy Chew

    Toy Tub

    A large number of toys can be found in any home with small children. And also, there are a large number of toy businesses in the world. They also distribute these toys to various stores and sell them. Therefore, shops which are selling toys should also be a popular shop among the people. The supermarket is a shop where you can buy toys. Therefore, the supermarket should also have a good brand and we will give you some such good Supermarket brands.


    Toy Business Name Analysis

    FAO-Schwarz company in toy industry

    • FAO Schwarz is an American toy company name. In the United States, the FAo Schwarz company is popular for toys and games. When it comes to business, FAO Schwarz is a popular competitor to Toys “R” Us company. Normally naming a business is a risky step, but when taking the FAO Schwarz company has succeeded because of marketing.

    Toys-“R”-Us company in toy industry

    • In America Toys "R" Us is a toy, and baby product company. Toys "R" Us traced its origins to children's furniture stores. Toys “R” Us is a name that is straightforward, short, and memorable. When thinking about toy companies a lot of customers first came to mind Toys"R" Us company. Because of the simplicity and straight-forward of the company name.

    Tantrum  company in toy industry

    • Tantrum is a negative word related to kids. "Tantrum" is a simple and unique name for a toy store. Therefore now a lot of people know about the Tantrum Toy Company.

    The toy business is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world today and there is no shortage of love for toys from young children to adults.If you want to start a toy business, you can find the best tips at smbcompass.

    Top Toy Company Names that are Famous in the World

    United States Flag

    • Popular Toy Companies in United States


    Harrison Direct

    MX Wholesale

    Risus Wholesale

    Cortex Toys



    Wholesale Central

    Little Tikes

    Green Toys




    American Plastic Toys

    Vermont Teddy Bear

    Tomy Company.

    United States Flag

    • Popular Toy Companies in the United kingdom

    Active Toy Company Ltd

    Toy Design Lab

    Millars Ark Toys Ltd.

    Clancy Toy Company

    Plushie Ltd

    The London Toy Company


    Hasbro UK

    Custom Toys UK


    Lanka Kade (UK) Ltd

    Mookie Toys

    Manhattan Toy

    One Hundred Toys

    United States Flag

    • Popular Toy Companies in Australia

    Moose Toys

    Toy Universe

    MJM Australia

    Kids Toy Shop Sydney

    Australian Toy Distributors


    Online Toys Australia

    TOMY Australia


    Little Toy Tribe

    Toy Galaxy - Toys Sydney

    Hip Kids

    The Toy Factory

    Australian Toy Association

    Knock on Wood Toys

    The Play Room

    United States Flag

    • Popular Toy Companies in Canada

    JR Toy Company

    Spin Master Ltd

    Discovery Toys Canada

    JR Toy Canada Distribution

    Ceramic Warehouses

    Parkdale Novelty Co. Ltd.

    WowWee Canada Inc

    CWO Group Of Companies

    The Little Dollhouse Company

    Fun Services Canada

    Castle Toys

    Irwin Toy

    Mega Brands Inc

    TFH Special Needs Toys

    The LEGO®


    United States Flag

    • Popular Toy Companies in Germany

    Smyths Toys Superstores

    myToys Store Stuttgart

    Toys on Air

    Smyths Toys Superstores


    Smyths Toys

    Steiff Shop Köln

    Smyths Toys Superstores


    Smyths Toys Superstore

    Steiff Shop Hamburg

    rolly toys

    Katalka Spielwaren u

    myToys Hamburg Branch

    Grimm's GmbH


    Trending Words of Toy Industry

    These are the most trending toy company names in this industry.

















    Related Social Media Names Examples Provided by Some Generators

    BrandBucket, Brandpa and Brandroot, are Business and Brand name generators. The following names for Toy Company Names that are available to purchase and own.

    Brandbucket Business Name Generator

    “toyago”, “toyfresh”, “JOYTOYS”, ‘TOYMONSTER” are good brand names offered by Brandbucket for Toy Companies which you can try.

    Brandpa Brand Name Generator

    The words like, toystrin, Croakly, toysor, are usually used in Toy company industry, Brandpa has used those terms when generating business names Toy industry. For the users who are looking for names related to this industry could try one of these names.

    Brandroot Business Name Generator

    “Toyiso”, “Toysly”, “TOYARA”,TOYICO”, “ToyStream” and “Toyqo” are the type of names that are offered by “Brandroot” for Toy companies.

    Hope You Find The Best Toy Company Name Ever…!!