Review of Novanym Brand Name Generator

“Novanym” is a collection of business names. Users can purchase the brand name of their choice directly from this site that is offered with a choice of three pre-designed logos as a part of the package. According to “Novanym”, all the brand names are created by branding professionals and not generated by robots or any Artificial Intelligence.

Through “Novanym” users can generate Brand names according to the style or business of their choice. The generated brand names are pre-designed, all of them are in different styles and different types. Each of them is available for buying with the “ .com” domain for different prices and no third parties involved.

According to Crivon’s expertise, a brand name must be included with some specific qualities in order to be a branded brand name or a quality brand name that will be the main key to the success of a business

Usage of Word Combination

Simplicity can make a huge impact and reach people easily. So Crivon recommends using single word brand names because they are super easy to remember and spell. If you choose a single word brand name as a result of that simplicity among users/people your brand will be popular. Most of the Brand names that are offered by this generator are single words and it is a quality generating single words, of a good brand name generator.​

Apart from that, websites with keywords included domains have been deprioritized after the 2012 google update, including a keyword to your brand name that can lead your brand to a negative ranking effect from search engines. This generator does not include any brand name with the keyword which is a good quality of a Brand name generator.

A positive impression is crucial for a brand name because without that expanding your brand/business will become impossible because generally, human beings tend to attract into positive things. If the brand name of your choice has a negative meaning reaching your target audience will become a difficult task. As “Novanym” offers brand names with no negative connotations, that is a quality of a good brand name generator that Crivon recognizes.

According to Crivon’s opinion, If virtual assistants like Siri & Alexa can pronounce and spell a brand name easily a human definitely can too. Brand names that “Novanym ” generates can be spelled by robots which is a good quality of a brand name generator that we recognize that means humans can easily spell these brand names.

Including numbers or any special characters like hyphens in a brand name is not wise because human beings tend to forget numbers easily. Apart from that, search engines might get confused and try to correct the search queries so it can directly affect your brand-related searches which is not good for a brand name. This brand name generator generates brand names that are included with numbers that Crivon does not recommend.

Generic word usage of Novanym

Because of the 2012 Google update related to Exact Match Domains (EMD) using generic and partially generic words in a brand name can directly affect the brand in the aspect of search engine optimization(SEO). For a newly initiated brand, it is not affordable risking the rankings so it is better to use a brand name that is not included with a generic word. Some of the brand names that this generator offers are included with generic words which we Crivon do not recommend as branded brand names

Crivon advocates the idea that a brand name should not imitate any other popular brands. Number of brand names that this generator offers are imitated from brand names that are already established which can affect the website in you brand-related searches because those brand names have their own identity and higher ranking compared to a new brand name so if your brand name is an imitation of another brand you will lose the trust of the users and will never have an own identity.

Imitated Brand names offered by Novanym
Vocabulary score of Brand names offered by Novanym

Through a Vocabulary score check , we can have a value to the simplicity of a brand name and how easy it is to remember a Brand name. Vocabulary score of the Brand names that this generator offers are between 3-5 which Crivon does not recommend. We consider the brand names with a high vocabulary score of 8-10 as the best brand names because they are easy to pronounce and memorize so that your brand name can be easily approached by the users.

All the brand names that Novanym offers are available with the “.com” domain extension. If you want professional credibility and recognition for your brand, owning the “.com” domain extension is the best option in comparison to others. According to Crivon’s expertise having a .com domain extension makes a quality Brand name that will be unique among thousands of others. But most of the other Brand name generators do not offer Brand names with .com domain extension that is why “Novanym” is the best in relation to this quality.

Domain Availability of brand names offered by Novanym
Price of the brand names offered by Novanym

Users can directly purchase the preferred brand name after the full payment. All the generated Brand names are legally protected by copyright which will be transferred to the user on purchase.“Novanym” brand name generator only offers brand names for prices higher than $2000 but compared to other brand name generators that offer a brand name for much higher prices or that offer annual renewal option “Novanym” is better. There are good brand names for lower prices so users have to understand that price does not elevate the quality of a brand name and it is not wise spending so much at the initial stage of the business for a name.

When a user visits a website the first view makes a huge impact on them. It is one of the deciding factors of user engagement. If the user gets a positive impression about the website the time they spend on the site can get increased if not they will leave the website. According to our survey, the first impression that is given by this brand name generator is good compared to the other Brand name generators. ​

First impression given by Novanym
Brand name generation procedure of Novanym

The brand name generating process is a simple one that’s why people seek a brand name generator to find the best brand name in a shorter time. Normally by entering keyword users can generate brand names. But according to our survey, the process of generating names of this generator is somewhat complex than that and time taking because users have to,select an industry, select a name style. Users’ time might get wasted unnecessarily that can cause a negative impression. ​

Through the content, “Novanym” educates the users regarding some special qualities that brand name should possess to be a good brand name. Real-world examples of brand names that started with meaningless brand names, How the naming should be done and regarding the brand name generators are also explained. ​

In addition to the Business name generator, “Novanym” provides users with a Company name generator & a Startup name generator. Apart from that Currency changing option, Smart search thorough one keyword option, Browse names by style option and browse names by sector options are also available for the users in “Novanym”.

“Novanym” business name generator is developed by Co-Founders, Vince Bridgman & Dave Clark who were former directors of “Bond branding limited” and “Talisman marketing solutions”. Novanym Limited is located in Farnborough, United Kingdom. ​