Review of Oberlo business name generator

“Oberlo" is a business name generator that is made for the “Shopify” web-based business stage which creates naming alternatives. None of them are for buying yet clients can open a free “Oberlo” account. Users are instructed not to infringe on the brands’ trademarks with this tool. But it doesn’t give a professional impression and it provides brand names with a simple procedure but It lacks the opportunity of selecting a good name by taking some time.

How Oberlo scored according to marking criteria

Brand name qualities
Vocabulary score
Domain Availability
The Procedure of Name Generation
A Better Assistance to the Fulfilment of the Need
Additional services
User reviews of Oberlo

01. Brand name qualities of Namemesh Generated brand name

Simplicity is the most important thing to a business as well as to the business name. Simple means single so it would be much easier to reach users through a simple single worded name as they are super easy to memorize and pronounce. All the brand names that the “Oberlo” generator offers are not single worded brand names which cannot help a brand to reach the target audience so choosing a brand name of this kind will not be a wise choice.

Single/Multiple worded brand names of Oberlo Business Name Generator

All the brand names that the “Oberlo” generator offers are included with keywords. So the chances of getting high rankings will be significantly low on the grounds that there can't be numerous different sites with a similar brand name because of the google update of deprioritizing exact match domains. As a keyword is a common word that everybody uses, buying that kind of name will lead their brands to a negative ranking effect in the aspect of search engine optimization. It would be a wiser decision to purchase a unique brand name not included with keywords.

Having meaning to a brand name isn't obligatory, with a one of a kind name and an ideal product/service a brand can make prevalence and progress yet brand names that have negative ramifications can affect the brand's quality adversely because you can't anticipate anything positive from a negative thing. People who look forward to purchasing brand names from this site must be substantially more cautious while choosing a brand name as all the brand names offered by the “Oberlo” brand name generator are with negative connotations.

Connotations of Names of Oberlo Business Name Generator

AI is basically used in many fields to enhance productivity and creativity and Brand name generators also use AI to be innovative and progressive in their line of business nowadays most people seek the AI virtual assistants’ support for their web searches as it is convenient. If AI-based virtual assistants like Siri, Bixby, Cortana can read and identify a brand name it can be categorized as a quality brand name. So by examining the pronunciation level of a brand name through virtual assistants will increase the trust of the users. All the brand names that are provided by “Oberlo” are with that benefit.

Users must be attentive not to include numbers or special characters when choosing a brand name. Confusion about your brand name can occur in web searches related to your brand and search engines might suggest different results to the users mainly due to complications that may arise from having numbers and special characters. This may lead the users as well as the brand name owner to an inconvenient position. Hence it is very important not to use numbers or special characters in a brand name as it will be a disadvantage to owners. “Oberlo” does not offer brand names that are included with numbers or special characters which is a good option for the people who are looking for the best brand name to be successful.

Inclusion of Numbers or Special Characters of Oberlo Business Name Generator
Usage of generic words of Oberlo Business Name Generator

Because of the 2012 google update related to exact match domains, using generic and partially generic words in a brand name can directly affect the brand in a negative way because generic words which are general words that everyone tends to use will not support a brand to be in the top of the search results, it can be a huge disadvantage to the owner of the brand name. Almost all the brand names that “Oberlo” offers are generic words included brand names. For a business that is in its initial stage, it is not affordable risking the brand-related rankings by choosing a brand name of that is good to make sure that your name is the generic word free.

In the path of achieving success, it is not wise to be bogus. The idea itself of imitating a popular brand name to succeed is not prudent and visionary, also not a quality of a good brand owner with foresight. Developing a brand name by yourself is better than copying even if it is a time-consuming and long term process. All the brand names that “Obelo” generator offers are imitated from brand names that are already established which can affect your brand-related searches because those brand names have their own identity and higher rankings compared to a new brand name so choosing a brand name with a unique identity will be a better choice.

02. Vocabulary Score

Vocabulary score of Oberlo Business Name Generator

Through a Vocabulary score check, we can have a value to the simplicity of a brand name and how easy it is to remember and pronounce a Brand name. Vocabulary score of the Brand names that “Oberlo” offers are between 0-3 which is low to be a brand name. Having a higher vocabulary score of 8-10 can make a brand name the best brand name because they are easy to pronounce and memorize so that your brand name can be easily approached by the users.

03. Domain Availability

A domain extension adds a professional validity to a brand and your choice of domain extension definitely impacts on the website SEO performance as the “.com” is the strongest domain extension compared to other domain extensions so it will be the best fit for a brand but in “Oberlo” no domain extension available for users who are willing to purchase a brand name for their businesses.

Domain Availability of Oberlo Business Name Generator

04. Price

Users seek brand name generators in order to purchase a brand name and own them if that option is not available their need for owning a brand name will not be fulfilled and their time will get wasted unnecessarily. The domain names that are given by this brand name generator are not available for purchasing. Users will only receive suggestions and they will not be satisfied.

05. User-Friendliness

This web page provides the service users need within a short period of time but the first impression that is given by “Oberlo” business name generator is weak to some extent, in contrast, At first glance, the user does not feel that the site is rendering any useful service, so the user does not want to spend too much time on this site. This is because they do not tend to make the first web page attractive. So as to find a good brand name users approach brand name generators so the first impression of a site is increasingly significant as it has a huge effect on the users.

User-Friendliness of Oberlo Business Name Generator

06. Procedure of Name Generation

After entering a keyword with a one-click user can select a brand name with different brand name ideas, After selecting a generated brand name users have to open a free account. but this site does not fulfill the needs of the customer who’s willing to purchase a brand name.

07. A better assistance to the fulfillment of the need

Many brand name generators try to give some knowledge about brand names, branding, domain availability, and other useful topics to the users. Through the content, "Oberlo" also educates the users regarding why do you need a business name generator, how to keep it short and sweet, Which can be useful for the customers who do not have any idea about those areas.

08. Additional Services

Apart from the domain generator, “Oberlo'' also provides free business tools, statistics library, dropshipping hub, free eCommerce ebooks, etc, This site offers these features which will be useful for users.

09. Alternatives to Oberlo

Both business name generators do not offer brand names with single words which is not a good quality of a brand name generator. Also “Influencer” and “Oberlo” do not provide brand names with numbers and special characters which is a good quality of a brand name generator. Apart from that, both generators provide brand names for free.

10. User reviews of Oberlo

Most of the brand name generators do have user reviews depending on the degree of usage and popularity. But when it comes to this brand name generator, it’s very difficult finding user reviews as there are fewer comments available and they are out of the range of our searches.