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BizNameWiz is the sister site of Business Name Generator. To create business names from this platform, the user simply needs to insert a keyword.

This generator offers pre-designed names that are available for purchase through “Godaddy” along with the “.com” domain, Also “Biznamewiz offers brand names for purchasing with different domain extensions.

Highlights in Biznamewiz Name Generator

  1. You can filter your results by industry filter and result filter
  2. Can save your Favourite ideas
  3. Language changing option up to 20 languages.
  4. Offers a Sitemap with posts by category.


This feature filters and gives out the most relevant brand names. This is highly efficient and the users will have to spend less time and effort in searching for a brand name. In addition to the above, this feature gives industry-focused brand names.


The results filter is quite useful but the character count is relatively more than the normal count and it can be considered as a disadvantage. Hence choosing a brand name with preferably a single work can be an advantage and a decisive factor from the business point of view.


This feature helps to keep track of the brand names that you have preferred during the search. This also helps you to keep the previously selected brand names being forgotten.

It is Better That You Know About The Names in BizNameWiz, Right?


You might get confused with the figures and colors displayed here. The following facts will show you how the generator has picked the marks incorporated here.

Why these marks?

The marks have been accumulated to the branding qualities based on a criterion of our own. The importance and the effectiveness of the brand name could be more important for your brand name.

Brand Name Availability in BizNameWiz

Offers Single Worded Brand Names

word count in BizNameWiz

Names With Negative Meanings are Not Available

biznamewiz-Negative Meanings

Some of The Business Names are Available With The “.com” Domain Extension


It Gives a Good Impression To The Users


Brand Names are Fully and Partially Included with The Keywords


Some of The Business Names are Included With Numbers


Generic Word Business Names Included.


Most of The Business Names Can Be Recognized as Imitations


How to Generate Brand Names in BizNameWiz

This video gives you a brief overview on how to use Biznamewiz to purchase a business name.

Pricing in Biznamwiz Name Generator

Most expensive brands have no particular advantage of buying. You can get the same benefits with a better brand name at a lower price.

BizNameWiz redirects you to Godaddy for purchasing and There are brand names that could be purchased at a low price and at an expensive price as well.

Redirecting to Godaddy is an Inconvenient option because people are reluctant to make a purchase through another site. Further, it might have a negative effect on the trust factor of the users.


Premium Names in Biznamwiz Name Generator

Apart from the normal brand names generated by BizNameWiz, to obtain premium brand names users will be redirected to Domainify. However, the cost incurred to purchase a premium brand name is comparatively very high and we do not recommend the same.


Alternatives to Biznamewiz

Factor Biznamewiz Business Name NameSnack
.com domain Yes Yes Yes
Single words Yes No Yes
Numbers and Special charactersYesGeneric words YesGeneric words YesGeneric words No
Generic words Yes Yes Yes
Other domain ExtensionsNo No No No

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Prime Info in Biznamewiz Name Generator

  • Founder- Mike Glezos
  • Founded- Jan 01, 2010
  • Address- 2 Venture, Irvine, CA 92618 United States
  • Email-
  • Website-

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Our Experience with BizNameWiz

The usage of the BizNameWiz band name generator gives you the opportunity to select a brand name that represents your product. However, during the purchasing of the brand name, the users will be redirected to Godaddy and this will create some sort of an inconvenience to the users