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Business Name Generator is a generator that you can use completely free.

Most brand name generators require login details to initiate utilizing the brand name generator. However, this particular brand name generator does not require such login details and it conserves a lot of time for all the users.

Therefore users will have the luxury of selecting the best brand name in a short period of time. Business Name Generator also provides a list of Premium domain names for users.

Did You Know That You Can Select A Language Before Using It?

There is a special option available in the Business Name generator which is choosing a language that the user prefers from the given list. By selecting they can convert the whole website into that language from English and work easily.

This option gives you the comfort of using a more familiar language other than using English. Add to fulfill their requirements through the business name generator. It is convenient and time conserving to use the language the users know rather than using a different language. The business name generator has given you the opportunity to use 20 languages other than English, and this option is rare to be found in this particular generator.

20 Languages that Business Name generator offer -:










Norwegian Bokmal











Does Business Name Generator Offer .com With Every Name?

After selecting the most appropriate brand name through domain availability, users can check whether it is available for purchase through GoDaddy.

Godaddy Does not offer .com with Every business name which is not a convenient option for users.

Apart from the standard brand names provided by Bng, users will be led to Domainify to get premium brand names. However, the cost of purchasing a premium brand name is disproportionately large, and we do not advocate it.

Can you Afford Names in The Business Name Generator?

Many people think that the value of expensive brand names is high. But purchasing the most costly brands provides no significant benefit. At a smaller cost, you may obtain the same benefits with a better brand name.

This generator is free to use but for purchasing the users will be redirected to Godaddy and it causes an inconvenience to users and also causes concern on the trust factor of users. Also, users prefer to shop at one site and would not like to be redirected to other sites.

Normal brand names are available through Godaddy and premium domains are available with Doaminify $1000 goes up to $3995.

Pay More Attention to These

These are the factors you have to consider when selecting a brand name. Many people buy a brand name without a clear idea of ​​what they are looking for, so they miss out on a good brand name.The inclusion of these factors may create an adverse impact on the brand name you select. We as brand name generators have vast experiences, information, and a database and the expertise in this field has to broaden our ability to identify these factors that can be negative to the brand name. We will discuss it in length to enable you to understand the point that we are making.

Brand Name Availability in Business Name Generator

All the business names are not single words


All the business names are included with keywords


Most of the brand names are generic words including brand names


Almost all the names can be recognized as imitations


Vocabulary score is between 3-5.


It is Better that You know About The Names in Business Name Generator, Right?


You might get confused with the figures and colors displayed here. The following facts will show you how the generator has picked the marks incorporated here.

Why these marks?

The marks have been accumulated to the branding qualities based on a criterion of our own. The importance and the effectiveness of the brand name could be more important for your brand name.

Highlights in Business Name Generator

Save Favorites

This is an option that has been provided by a handful of sites and they are among them. These options keep a bookmark on the information of your last visit without even having to log into the site and it is very convenient to the users and they will have the luxury of selecting the best and most suitable business name from a cluster of brand names they have previously selected. This is a huge advantage compared to other brand name generators.

Domain checker is available on the site and it shows if it is available on Godaddy or not

In the normal scenario when a user selects a brand name and checks the availability of the same from that particular domain register.

However, this business name generator has the option of checking the availability of the brand name through the site itself. This option helps you to check the availability of a selected brand name without delay.Having this option simplifies the user's work and saves time.


Fiverr Logo Maker

Typically a brand name generator does not provide you with a logo! Some users may not be able to buy premiums and this option is convenient for them.Business Name Generator directs the user to complete the task they want directly rather than spending time on logo making apps or other websites.

Name Generators (100+)

Having niche related generators that cover a number of categories can provide user satisfaction.There is a broad discussion on different niches available at these generators and it will provide a detailed explanation of each niche.

Hence the users will be provided with information on a particular business and industry. This option is not provided by other Business name generators and they have merely mentioned common factors regarding brand names, which makes this business name generator a superior feature.


Normally selection of filters, industry, and character count is being used prior to selecting a brand name. However, this business name is different from other business name generators.

It provides you with the opportunity to use filters, industry, and character count after the selection of the brand name. Then users will have the luxury of changing filters and other aspects to match their requirements.

Country & State Wise Names

You can check whether the brand name you selected is being used in a country or a state through this option. It becomes more convenient since the site shows the path for registration and the sites that could be used to execute the registration. In addition to that, FAQs and answers are provided for easy reference

Creative Business Name Generator

You can try this Creative Business Name Generator

Creative Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator Logo


Pronunciation Level of Names by Robots

AI is basically used in many fields to enhance productivity and creativity and Brand name generators also use AI to be innovative and progressive in their line of business. Nowadays most people seek the AI virtual assistants’ support for their web searches as it is convenient. If AI-based virtual assistants like Siri, Bixby, Cortana can read and identify a brand name it can be categorized as a quality brand name. So by examining the pronunciation level of a brand name through virtual assistants will increase the trust of the users. All the brand names that are provided by “Bng” are with that benefit.

You Can Advertise With Business Name Generator

There is another option that has been introduced by the site is that you can carry out your advertising campaign through this and a special form is available for such campaigns through the site. This generator seems to have a special focus on advertising.


  • A blog has been introduced for the purpose of distributing knowledge among users. (Through this, Bng has taken steps to provide the required knowledge to the user)
  • Business names, tips, and guides are being provided
  • Allows users to purchase their chosen domain names at a 70 percent discount

Alternatives to BnG

Factor BnG Biznamewiz NameSnack
.com Domain Yes Yes Yes
Other Domain Extensions No Yes No
Single Words No Yes Yes
Numbers and Special Characters Yes Yes No
Generic Words Yes Yes Yes


  • Referring to another website to buy a brand can cause some inconvenience to the user.

Usage of generic words

Because of the 2012 google update related to exact match domains, using generic and partially generic words in a brand name can directly affect the brand in a negative way because generic words which are general words that everyone tends to use will not support a brand to be in the top of the search results, it can be a huge disadvantage to the owner of the brand name. Almost all the brand names that “Bng” offers are generic words including brand names. For a business that is in its initial stage, it is not affordable risking the brand-related rankings by choosing a brand name of that is good to make sure that your name is the generic word free.

Affiliated sites

Fiverr Logo Maker


- You can create logos that match your brand name which is very useful to users.This allows the user to create the logos they want without spending a lot of money.

Godaddy Domain Checker


- This will let you know if the brand name you want is available or not.

Our Business Name Generator Experience

The industry filter and character count filter offered in this generator, it is very much useful to the users as they can check again and again by changing the filters according to the preference as much as we want.

The two different types of names available in this generator come along with different options. Premiums are available with the logo design and the .com domain extension that can be purchased from Domainify while the general names are offered with different types of domain extensions that can be purchased from Godaddy and no logo designs.

Another important option available here is domain availability check which is very useful and time-saving because there is no need to go around and check from another place, in here you can get every option in one place

As a whole along with these different types of useful options, we can say that this generator is good to use. But have to consider about the names that are available.

Prime Info of Business Name Generator

Frequently Asked Questions About BnG

Business Name Generator is a free online business name generator that will help you come up with unique names for your company.

The Business Name Generator is entirely free to use.

In addition to the .com domain extension you can get .net, .org, .ca, .mx, etc.

Logos are only available for names that domainify give you