Review Of BrandBucket Business Name Generator

"BrandBucket" is a business name generator that users can browses business names by Style or Industry under 45 categories. As indicated by "BrandBucket", it offers a list of vetted, quality names ready for purchase, Also it offers business names for clients with premium domain names. All the business names that this generator offers are with the ".com" domain extension and accessible for buying. “BrandBucket” is founded by Margot Bushnaq in 2007.

1.Keypoints of Brandbucket

2.Highlights of Brandbucket

  • Designed Names
  • Different name styles
  • The ".com" domain extension
  • Save favourites
  • Subscribe
  • Premium names
  • Cart
  • Save favourites
  • Free consultations

3.How Brandbucket scored according to the marking criteria

Brand name qualities


The Procedure of Name Generation


Vocabulary score


A Better Assistance to the Fulfilment of the Need


Domain Availability


Additional services




User reviews of BrandBucket



  • 04.01).Qualities of Brandbucket Generated Brand Names

  • Word Count

    Recommended -: single words as brand names.             

    Why we recommend-: Even if you want is a long name for the brand name, you have to think if you choose a long name is whether the name going to be popular among people or not because It is undoubtedly true that people prefer to write and read short names, Therefore the use of shorter names can help the brand to reach the audience faster.

    In Brandbucket -: All the brand names are offered as single words.

word Count in BrandBucket

  • Keywords

    Recommended -: Not knot including keywords in brand names             

    Why we recommend-: By including the keyword to the brand name owners try to give the users an idea of ​​the site they are going to use. Due to the 2012 Google update related to Exact Match Domains (EMD) which deprioritizes the brands with similar names when ranking, it is not advisable to associate the keyword with the trade name because keywords are commonly used words by everyone.

    In Brandbucket -: Most of the business names are included with keywords.

Keywords in BrandBucket

  • Name Connotations

    Recommended -: Business names without negative meanings.             

    Why we recommend-: Negativity brings pessimist feelings on people without even having to think about it. Hence it is prudent to make sure that the brand name of your choice is not with any negative meanings in the English language or any other language since many people from different countries could be one of your future customers or a client.

    In Brandbucket -: Business names with negative meaning are not available.

Name Connotations in BrandBucket

  • Inclusion of numbers / special characters

    Recommended -: A brand name should not be included in numbers or special characters.             

    Why we recommend-: The intention behind using numbers and special characters in a brand name can be to attract many people to the brand name. However, having those kinds of brand names will only be a disadvantage since the possibility of remembering brand names that are unique and shorter is high.

    In Brandbucket -: None of the business names are included with numbers.

Inclusion of numbers / special characters in BrandBucket

  • Generic words

    Recommended -: Not to include generic words in a brand name.             

    Why we recommend-: Because of the 2012 google update related to exact match domains, using generic and partially generic words in a brand name can directly affect the brand in a negative way because generic words which are general words that everyone tends to use will not support a brand to be in the top of the search results, it can be a huge disadvantage to the owner of the brand name.

    In Brandbucket -: Some of the Business names possess generic words including brand names.

Generic words in BrandBucket

  • Imitations of existing Brand Names

    Recommended -: A business name should not imitate other popular business names fully or partially.             

    Why we recommend-: Many have a tendency of imitating brand names hoping that it would bring about success to the brand name. Many think that it will become a bridge to success, but the actual scenario is that the original brand name becomes more and more successful and the imitated brand name will become obsolete.

    In Brandbucket -: Some of the names can be recognized as imitations.

Imitations of existing Brand Names in BrandBucket

  • Pronunciation Level

    Recommended -: Virtual assistance must be able to pronounce the business names easily.              >

    Why we recommend-: Technological advancement has created pathways to many developments in that sector and AI has been the most developed in the recent past. Since it is a creation of man, this AI-based virtual assistant has the ability to pronounce words which can be understood and read by man as well.

    In Brandbucket -: All the generated brand names that virtual assistants can spell and pronounce easily.

pronunciation in BrandBucket

As crivon has reviewed this Brandbucket Business name generator with a professionally built criteria with a parellally went manual research by the best in the field we have also have reviewed many other name generators like Review Of Squadhelp , Reveiw of Namelix , Review of Brandpa , Review of Business , Review of Dotomator , Review of Namebounce , Review of Hipster , Review Of Wordlab and Review of Shopify you can take look now if you wish apart from that we have developed our own AI powered Crivon Brand Name Generator which offers you thousands of name solutions according to your choice.

  • 05. Vocabulary Score in Brandbucket

  • Recommended -: A vocabulary score between 8-10.             

    Why we recommend-: Through a Vocabulary score check, we can have a value to the simplicity of a brand name and how easy it is to remember a Brand name. We consider the brand names with a high vocabulary score of 8-10 as the best brand names because they are easy to pronounce and memorize so that your brand name can be easily approached by the users.

    In Brandbucket -: Vocabulary scores is between 3-5.

vocabularyscore in BrandBucket
  • 06. Domain Availability in Brandbucket

  • Recommended -: The“.com” extension.             

    Why we recommend-: The most important factor in the procedure of choosing a brand name is owning a domain extension with the brand name. People spent more time and money on maintaining a webpage and would not want to see it become the property of a third party. Hence it is very much important to choose a brand name of which the ownership could be lawfully proven.

    In Brandbucket -: All the brand names are offered with the “.com” domain extension.

domain availability in BrandBucket
  • 07. Price in Brandbucket

  • Recommended -: A reasonable price with the complete ownership.             

    Why we recommend-: It has been a practice of people to think that the most expensive things are with the highest quality. It has been engraved to the minds of people and they are reluctant to move from that mindset. This could be mainly due to the fact that most merchandise comparatively comes with high quality when the price is high. However, quality brand names could be purchased at a considerably low price.

    In Brandbucket -: Business names are available for prices between 1500 - 2000 averagely.

price in BrandBucket
  • 08. User- Frendliness of Brandbucket

  • Recommended -: Should give a good impression to the user.             

    Why we recommend-: Having an attractive web page will draw most users to stay and use the web page and to reach many advantages.

    In Brandbucket -: It gives a good impression to the user.

user Frendliness in BrandBucket
  • 09. Name Generation Procedure of Brandbucket

  • Recommended -: The brand name generating process should be simple.            

    Why we recommend-: The brand name generating process is a simple one that’s why people seek a brand name generator to find the best brand name in a shorter time.

    In Brandbucket -: It is better and does not consume the time of the customer because users have to go through a simple process in which users have to enter a keyword for the generating process and it provides business names within a short time period.

user experience in BrandBucket

  • 10. Knowledge Passing of Brandbucket

    Recommended -: A simple guidance to the user to choose a good name.             

    Why we recommended -: Brand name generators consist of content regarding the niche of Brand names. Also should give the information and guide, about how to choose a perfect brand name.             

    In Brandbucket -: It’s briefly explains why a branded name is important to a business and how different “Namelix” from the other name generators in the generation of brand names which will be helpful to the user for some extent in the process of purchasing a brand name.

  • 11. Weak points of Brandbucket

    Brand name available in Brandbucket are for High Prices
    Name selections are limited to the Brandbucket
  • 12. Alternatives to Brandbucket

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  • 13. Professional Reviews of Brandbucket

  • 15. Performance of Brandbucket in social platforms

Started Post Category Likes
Facebook 2007.11.13 no regular time frame common posts about meetings,conferences etc no regular time frame,0-10 likes per post and page ikes- 9359
Instagram 2017 May Daily posts Motivational quotes Followers 13.9k and Likes per post 100-300
Twitter 2009 mostly retweets 16k followers and 0-10 likes per post
Youtube 2009.10.19 four vedios related to brand names 71 views and 189 subscribers
  • 16.Brandbucket Collaborated with

Most of the Name Generators are collaborated with other websites that offers related services to the users loke logo designing sites, slogan generators etc. But it seems that Brandbucket is not into that thought.

  • 17. Comparisons of Brandbucket

Brandbucket Squadhelp Novanym
Designed brand names

Direct purchasing

.com domain extension

Names for different industries


Easy to use

Naming contest

Premium Names