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"BrandBucket" is a business name generator that users can browse business names by Style or Industry under 46 categories.

As indicated by "BrandBucket", it offers a list of vetted, quality names ready for purchase, Also it offers business names for clients with premium domain names.

All the business names that this generator offers are with the ".com" domain extension and accessible for buying directly through BrandBucket.

Some Highlights of BrandBucket

  1. User Friendly
  2. Large selection of names
  3. Purchase includes domain and logo design
  4. Premium Domain Names
  5. Purchases by credit cards, Bitcoin, or wire transfers

How Are Brand Names Available in BrandBucket?

All the brand names are offered as single words


No names with negative meanings


None of the business names are included with numbers


All the brand names are offered with the “.com” domain extension


Virtual Assistants can easily pronounce the brand names

Some of the Business names include generic words


Some names can be recognized as imitations


Does BrandBucket Offer Quality Names?


How BrandBucket Got This Score?

The points were assigned to the branding Qualities based on our own evaluation. The significance and efficacy of the brand name may be more crucial for your brand.

BrandBucket offers -

Instant Business Names

With this option users can find and select the most appropriate business name without using a keyboard and merely by a click.

This is considered to be a use of new technology and will be ideal for users that are reluctant to use a keyboard on many occasions and gives the opportunity to find a brand name without much constraint. The best thing about this is that the users will not have to use the keyboard until the billing information section.

Browse Names By Industry Or Style

Most of the businesses have specific brand names which illustrate the main merchandise of the business. Hence it is important to search for an industry-specific business name rather than finding just a brand name.

The BrandBucket gives you the opportunity to find a related and appropriate brand name that specifies the industry or the business attended by the users and it will be the right investment for the future of the business.

The intention in finding the industry-related business name is because if your selection is just a brand name, you might have second-guessing whether the selected brand name is appropriate for the business or not. To eradicate these future complications, it is essential to select the best-suited brand name for the business. Hence to avoid such problems “BrandBucket” has solutions.

Search Sidebar

Search SideBar This is a very unique feature provided by this generator for you to choose the business name you want and it mainly contains these features.


Brand type

With this you can search business names in three ways like All, Invented, Keyword.

TLD Extension

In BrandBucket mainly domain extensions are provided as All, .com, .io, .ly, .me and you can choose the domain extension of your choice. We recommend the .com domain as the most suitable for whatever your business is.

In addition, Search in ( Premium Names , Short Names , Catchy Names ), Search Type, Min Price to Max Price, Min Length to Max Length are provided and Sort by option is also available.

Favorites & Cart

The BrandBucket can save the favorites you want without logging in, so you don't have to memorize or write down the business names you choose until you make your final decision.

Users are being provided the convenience of picking various options which might be considered later during the ultimate choice of picking a brand name. Furthermore, the cost paid will be the same but the liberty has been allowed to the customers to pick from various brand names at once.

Building Trust and Confident

Normally businesses are risk aggregated and subject to being unsuccessful depending on decisive factors. Brand bucket can minimise the risk associated with businesses because it provides with various information and identifies intentions of users.


Payment Methods

When you make a purchase with BrandBucket you can make this purchase in three ways. These are Credit Card, Bank Wire & Crypto. This allows the user to make their own payments in a very convenient way.

In addition to credit cards, convenient facilities like Bank Wire & Crypto make it easy for the user to make payments. Cryptocurrencies have become a popular topic in the world and if you want to know its value and cryptocurrency name ideas and how to start a cryptocurrency business we are here to guide you from zero to hero.

What Purchase Includes

Most business name generators guide the user until they buy a business name, but they do not know what will happen after the purchase or the value of the business they are buying. As a result, users' trust is eroded, and they begin to doubt the value of the business name they purchase.

It is noteworthy that BrandBucket is aware of the work that can be done after the purchase without causing such an inconvenience for the user.


User Reviews of BrandBucket

Here you can see user reviews about BrandBucket with pros and cons.



Comparisons of BrandBucket

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Designed brand names

Direct purchasing

.com domain extension

Names for different industries


Easy to use

Naming contest

Premium Names

Key Info of BrandBucket Name Generator

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  • Founded - Jan 01, 2007
  • Address - 714 Hampton Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90291 United States
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