Reveiw of Brandroot Business Name Generator

By considering the quality of the generator and business names we have fully reviewed the “brandroot” business name generator and provided you with the following analyzed report ."Brandroot" is a business name generator that suggests business names under 69 categories. Also, Users can generate business names in a short time period. As indicated by "brandroot", it offers hand-picked, one of a kind business names for clients with premium domain names. All the business names that this generator offers are with the ".com" domain extension and accessible for buying.

1.Keypoints of Brandroot

2.Highlights of Brandroot

  • Designed Names
  • Premium Names
  • Cart
  • Blog
  • Wishlist
  • Testimonials
  • .com domain extension
  • $5000 avarage price

3.How Brandroot scored according to the marking criteria

Brand name qualities


The Procedure of Name Generation


Vocabulary score


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  • 04.Qualities of Brandroot Generated Brand Names

  • Word Count

    Recommended -: single words as brand names.             

    Why we recommend-: People tend to keep shorter names in their minds than longer ones. That's why people use shorter names to keep in touch with people that have a long name. By now the human mind has become accustomed to thinking that we are not able to remember a long name. On account, it is wise to use a short and simple name as a brand name so that people will remember your brand name as soon as they see it and hear it.

    In Brandroot -: All the brand names are offered as single words.

word count in Brandpa

  • Keywords

    Recommended -: Not including keywords in brand names.             

    Why we recommend-: Because of the deprioritization of keyword included domains that come with the 2012 Google update, using a brand name attached with a keyword could be unsafe for a brand. So when purchasing a brand name the risk accompanies it automatically so purchasing a brand name that is not combined with a keyword would take your brand into higher rankings in your brand-related searches with a unique identity.

    In Brandroot -: Some of the business names are included with keywords.

Keywords in Brandpa

  • Name Connotations

    Recommended -: Business names without negative meanings.             

    Why we recommend-: Having meaning to a brand name isn't obligatory, with a one of a kind name and an ideal product/service a brand can make prevalence and progress yet brand names that have negative ramifications can affect the brand's quality adversely because you can't anticipate anything positive from a negative thing.

    In Brandroot -: Business names with negative meaning are not available.

Name Connotations in Brandpa

  • Inclusion of numbers / special characters

    Recommended -: A brand name should not be included in numbers or special characters.             

    Why we recommend-: If a person’s first look is able to catch and memorize a name, then more attention should be paid to selecting such a name. Someone might think it's best to include numbers and special characters in a brand name. But the use of numbers and special characters can lead a person to not trying to eradicate the memories without having to struggle with memory retention.

    In Brandroot -: Does not generate business names with numbers and special.

Inclusion of numbers / special characters in Brandpa

  • Generic words

    Recommended -: Not to include generic words in a brand name.             

    Why we recommend-: Because of the 2012 google update related to exact match domains, using generic and partially generic words in a brand name can directly affect the brand in a negative way because generic words which are general words that everyone tends to use will not support a brand to be in the top of the search results, it can be a huge disadvantage to the owner of the brand name.

    In Brandroot -: Some of the brand names are generic words including brand.

Generic words in Brandpa

  • Imitations of existing Brand Names

    Recommended -: A business name should not imitate other popular business names fully or partially.             

    Why we recommend-: The Brand name is the identity of a company/business if your brand name is an impersonation of another brand you will lose the trust of the users and could influence your brand in search engine optimization.

    In Brandroot -: Some of the names can be recognized as imitations.

Imitations of existing Brand Names in Brandpa

  • Pronunciation Level

    Recommended -: Virtual assistance must be able to pronounce the business names easily.             

    Why we recommend-: For humans, words can be classified into easy-to-pronounce and complex so AI-based virtual assistants which are created by human beings can have some capacities in speaking and pronouncing words so if a virtual assistant like Siri, Cortana, Bixby is able to pronounce a word easily a human definitely can too.

    In Brandroot -: All the generated brand names that virtual assistants can spell and pronounce easily.

pronunciation in Brandpa

As crivon has reviewed this Brandpa Business name generator with a professionally built criteria with a parellally went manual research by the best in the field we have also have reviewed many other name generators like Review Of BrandBucket , Review of Brandpa , Review of Namemesh , Review of Dotomator, Review of Bust A Name, Review of Review of BnG , Review of Hipster, Review of Lingzini and Review of Influencer you can take look now if you wish apart from that we have developed our own AI powered Crivon Brand Name Generator which offers you thousands of name solutions according to your choice.

  • 05. Vocabulary Score in Brandroot

  • Recommended -: A vocabulary score between 8-10.             

    Why we recommend-: Through a Vocabulary score check, we can have a value to the simplicity of a brand name and how easy it is to remember a Brand name.We consider the brand names with a high vocabulary score of 8-10 as the best brand names because they are easy to pronounce and memorize so that your brand name can be easily approached by the users.

    In Brandroot -: Vocabulary scores are between 5-6.

vocabularyscore in Brandpa
  • 06. Domain Availability in Brandroot

  • Recommended -: The ".com" domain extension.             

    Why we recommend-: If you want professional credibility and recognition for your brand, owning the “.com” domain extension is the best option in comparison to others. having a .com domain extension makes a quality Brand name that will be unique with professional credibility among thousands of others.

    In Brandroot -: All the brand names are offered with the “.com” domain extension.

domain availability in Brandpa
  • 07. Price in Brandroot

  • Recommended -: A reasonable price with the complete ownership.            

    Why we recommend-: There are good brand names for reasonable prices so users have to understand that price does not elevate the quality of a brand name and it is not wise spending so much at the initial stage of the business for a name.

    In Brandroot -: Business names are available for prices between $2000-$3000 averagely.

price in Brandpa
  • 08. User- Frendliness of Brandroot

  • Recommended -: Should give a good impression to the user.             

    Why we recommend-: When a user visits a website the first view makes a huge impact on them. It is one of the deciding factors of user engagement because users approach brand name generators in order to find a good brand name generator so if the user gets a positive impression about the website the time they spend on the site can get increased if not they will leave the website.

    In Brandroot -: It gives a better impression to the user.

User Frendliness in Brandpa
  • 09. Name Generation Procedure of Brandroot

  • Recommended -: The brand name generating process should be simple.             

    Why we recommend-: People prefer to get the service they need quickly without spending too much time.

    In Brandroot -: The process of generating names is simple, in which users have to enter a keyword, select a preferred name, and purchase compared to other websites that have a complex procedure of name generation.

User experience in Brandpa

  • 10. Knowledge Passing of Brandroot

    Recommended -: It will be easier to choose a perfect brand name even for a newcomer with the guidance.             

    Why we recommend-: Most of the brand name generators provide knowledge to users who are willing to purchase brand names about the process.

    In Brandroot -: This generator provides answers to the questions that people usually encounter when purchasing a brand name which is a satisfying remedy this brand name generator offers it saves the user's time and doesn't have to ask separate questions and wait for answers later.

  • 11. Weak points of Brandroot

    Some of the names are for higher prices No direct purchasing
  • 12. Alternatives to Brandroot

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  • 13. User Reviews of Brandroot


    1. 8 Reviews
    2. All the reveiws are positive feedbacks
    3. Satisfied with the service and the quality. Easy procedure, fast delivery.
    4. Professional
    5. Satisfied with the enormous number of selecting options
    6. Easy to Browse

    1. 2 Reviews
    2. Both of the feedbacks are negative
    3. Not satisfied with the service
    4. Accuses of robbing buyers with logo fees and fake descriptios
    5. Dissatisfied beause of some technical errors
    6. Dissatisfied beause of some technical errors
  • 14. Performance of Brandpa in social platforms

Platform Started Post Category Likes
facebook logo 2011 May No regular time frame Quotes and posts about investing Followers 16392, 0-10 likes per post and page ikes- 16369
instagram logo 2013 Daily posts Quotes and posts about investing Followers 1782 and Likes per post 0-100
twitter logo 2013 February No regular time frame Quotes and posts about investing Followers 628 and 0-10 likes per post
youtube logo 2013 March 1 Five videos Business Guidance 8795 views and 70 subscribers
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Brandroot Brandpa Brandbucket
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