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“Brandroot” is a marketplace of business names that offers a huge number of business names for users and a business name generator that generates names in a short time period. The specialty here is Brandroot provides standard names so that you can have higher-quality names. Also, Brandroot invites you to try Unusual keywords for fresh ideas which are unique.

“Brandroot” is the Number six ranked Business Name Generator in Crivon rankings. The uniqueness that keeps Brandroot at the top of our rankings is, it provides one-of-a-kind business names for clients with premium domain names.

Bonus Features in Brandroot

Naming Resources - There is a collection of numerous articles from various sectors pertaining to branding available at Brandroot which makes it easier for the users to gain knowledge on the process of selecting a brand name for their company. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to understand the logic behind selecting a brand name and important criteria which must be analyzed prior to the selection. This is a feature that would help the user to gain more insight into the process that should be followed.

Favorites - When selecting a brand name, people tend to make a pool out of brand names and select the most appropriate name for their business. Hence they have introduced an option to save the most suitable brand names until you finalize your choice. This will enable the customers to be more selective with their process of choosing a brand name for their business and it is pertinent to mention that other brand name generators will not give you the luxury of choosing a few brand names for final selection.

Cart - Users are being given the convenience of choosing many names which could be considered later during the ultimate decision of selecting a brand name. Furthermore, the cost incurred will be the same but the liberty has been granted to the users to select from many brand names at once. This is very important when it comes to saving money, time and adding value to the money you spent on.

Contact Info - Normally in almost all sites the developers are reluctant to give away the contact number for users to contact the relevant people to make sort out issues or any other query relating to selecting a brand name. This will reduce the hassle of the users to type emails and explain the situation. Also, the intention of having a direct contact number is to identify the user requirements at ease and to answer directly to the user without having to wait for an email reply. This method is highly efficient since a call is more effective than an email which typically takes time.

Testimonials - You can easily acquire names by purchasing margins through brandroot. This can be elaborated with the ratings of happy customers from all over the world. It will also build the trust of the customers.

.Com With Every Name

Most people are eagerly waiting to secure a .com domain. However, in most instances the .com domain will be pre obtained by someone or the extension has not been granted. The difference between other brand name generators and Brandroot is that they offer you the “.com” domain with every brand name that is generated from Brandroot. Hence is it pertinent to mention that having a “.com” domain gives you various opportunities.



It is Better That You Know About The Names in Brandroot, Right?


You might get confused with the figures and colors displayed here. The following facts will show you how the generator has picked the marks incorporated here.

Why these marks?

The marks have been accumulated to the branding qualities based on a criterion of our own. The importance and the effectiveness of the brand name could be more important for your brand name.

  • Offer single words which is a good quality.
  • All the generated brand names that virtual assistants can spell and pronounce easily.
  • Does not generate business names with numbers and special characters which is a good quality of a brand name.
  • This site gives a better impression to users compared to other brand name generators.
  • The process of generating names is simple, in which users have to enter a keyword, select a preferred name, and purchase compared to other websites that have a complex procedure of name generation.
  • Keyword included brand names are available which are risky.
  • Brand names offered by this brand name generator are with negative connotations, which is not good for a quality brand name.
  • Generic words including brand names are available in Brandroot which are risky.
  • Brand names that this generator offers are imitated from other brand names partially and completely which is not the acceptable quality of a brand name generator.

Are the Names Affordable in Brandroot?

Prices of brand names at brandroot range from $1500 to $6000 based on the attributes of the brand name which you might think expensive. However, We recommend spending less than $1000 on a brand.


Payment Methods in Brandroot

You can easily purchase your brand name through payment methods in brandroot and they have provided you with 3 options to make the purchase. These payment methods consist of credit cards, bank transfers, and crypto (BTS) which provides a huge convenience to the users.


How to Generate Brand Names in Brandroot

Are Logos Available with Names in Brandroot?

Brand name generators give you a brand name to the business, but brandroot has gone beyond that threshold and provides you with the luxury of having eye-catching and innovative logos which could be used for the business. Mostly it is convenient to have both the brand name and the logo from the same site as the users will not require to search or pay for logo creation.


The Connection Between Brandroot & Brandbucket

In June 2020 Brandbucket margin was acquired by Brandroot LLC for an undisclosed amount. This has helped a great deal to facilitate the payments for users and this could be identified in the payment portal as “powered by brand bucket”. This decision was taken with the vision to conduct business in the long run and the decision has helped both companies to grow inevitably.


Evolution of Brandroot

Brandroot has undergone specific changes in the past as in the past Brandroot has issued logo designs on a margin-free basis and now pre logo designs are available. Now no such arrangement is available.

Past Now
Logo designing Not available            
Free logo modification Not available            

Alternatives to Brandroot

Factor Brandroot Brandbucket Brandpa
.com domain

Single words

Numbers and Special characters

Generic words

Other domain Extensions

Other Options You Have

Squadhelp Business Name Generator

Both generators offer “.com” domain extensions and other domain extensions. Most importantly on both sites, pre-designed business names are available for purchasing.

User reviews of Brandroot

Most people are satisfied with this site because of its ease of use, purchasing, and fast delivery. Also, they mention that they would like to use this site again and again. Most of the people mention transferring domains, and this site is able to respond quickly in minutes for the fulfillment of the customer’s requirement

Our Experience About Brandroot

  1. Not Complex
  2. Educate through a short video

Many brand name generators do not fulfill the requirements of the user, where users will not have the luxury of having a perfect brand name to promote their products. Furthermore, the brand name generators typically will not provide the knowledge pertaining to the section process of the brand name. Our brand name generator provides the user with the knowledge on selecting a brand name by way of a video which gives the users the to utilize and manage their time.