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#3 Ranked Business Name Generator - Namelix

Yes, you saw it correctly. Namelix is the 3rd ranked business name generator in the Crivon ranking list of best brand name generators. Which was curated by our branding experts after great research about name generators and their functions.

How Namelix Got This Rank?

According to our ranking criteria, we have ranked 60 name generators by taking the quality of the name generators and the quality of the names that they offer into consideration. So according to the quality of the Namlix Business Name Generator and the names generated by Namelix it got,

Things We Considered & How Are They In Namelix


      1. Brand Name Qualities in Namelix

In this Brand Name Qualities section, we have considered what types of names that Namelix offers? Does namelix offer good brand names? Are Namelix generated names up to standard?. We have conducted our research by surfing through the Namelix Business Name Generator.

According to our experts, there are good aspects that should be in a business name and bad aspects should not be in a good business name. Namlix has scored 63% according to our scoring which means there are both good and bad aspects in the names offered by Namelix.

Before using Namelix you have to know better because you can’t risk the future of your business by choosing the wrong name.

Good Qualities of Namelix Generated Name

                  Namelix Business Names,

Quality Why Is It Good?
Single Words Single = Simple
No Negative Meanings Negative Meaning = Bad Impression
Virtual Assistants Can Easily Pronounce Easy Pronunciation For Virtual Assistants = Easy Pronunciation for Humans
Premium Names Are Available With .com COM = Copyright Ownership

Weak Qualities of Namelix Generated Names

                  Namelix Business Names,

Quality Why Is It Bad?
Fully and Partially Included With Keywords Keywords = Too Common
Included Numbers Numbers = Forgetful
Included Generic Words Generic Word = Negative Impacts on Google Rankings
Imitations of Existing Brands Imitations = Possible Legal Problems

      2. Vocabulary Score of Namelix Generated Names

Vocabulary Score determines whether a name’s pronunciation is easy or not.

Vocabulary Score Range - 1 to 10

Super Brand Names Score - 8 to 10

Good Brand Names Score - 7 to 8

Satisfactory Brand Names Score - 6 to 7

Vocabulary Score of Namelix Generated Names - Between 5 - 6

There is no doubt that Business Names that are available are a bit difficult to pronounce because the vocabulary score is below the standards. If you think about it more you can understand that if your business name is hard to pronounce and memorize your customer base will not be as strong as you hope and it directly affects your business negatively. So be much more careful when generating and selecting names from Namelix and make sure that the name is a Super.

      3. Prices of Namelix Business Names

TIP - There are good business names for reasonable prices. Make sure to search for them.

Losing lots of money in the initial state of the business only for the name is not very wise because a very tough journey is ahead. We highly recommend doing it wisely.

But the names offered by Namelix are much higher. Even higher than $5000. That is why Namelix has scored only 38% and the section is in red color.

      4. Domain Availability in Namelix

The domain extension is one of the most important aspects that we have to consider when purchasing a business name. In this section, Namelix has a score of 68%.

As you can see when generating names from Namelix they offer Premium and General names. While all the premium names are with the .com domain extensions that we highly recommend, General names are with none.

      5. User Friendliness of Namelix

Namelix has a 100% green color bar for its user-friendliness. It is very important that the website gives a good vibe to the user. Because customer satisfaction is one responsibility of the service provider.

6. Name Generating Procedure of Namelix

Users seek Business Name Generators so that they can find good business names quickly and easily. A generator must be able to attend to that need without making the process so time-consuming and complex with unnecessary steps. Namelix has 80% with green on that account because it is totally up to the line.

7. The assistance of Namelix to the User

Basic pointers regarding the business names or the name generation procedure through simple content for starters could be really helpful to the user. But Namelix hasn’t focused on that very much. Hence the yellow color and the score of 67%

      8. Additional Services That Namelix Offer

Offering services additionally to the name generation is not a compulsory concept. But if there are services related to Naming and Purchasing it could be very useful for the users. Namelix offers logo designing services through logo designing websites.

It is very useful because a logo is essential to the business name. But only 60% is offered to the Namelix Business Name Generator on Additional Services because compared to other Name Generators it is a bit low.

      9. User Reviews of Namelix

Feedbacks from former customers and users always convey a very useful message because it reflects how the service is really in Namelix. Considering the feedback of the previous customers is very important. We came across very good positive feedback on Namelix so we have offered 50% to that section.

Special Features in Namelix

AI-Powered Business Name Generator

Two types of brand names

  1. Premium Names
  2. General Names

Designed Brand Names

Logo Designing Service

Naming Filter

Save Favourites Option

Business Names Offered by Namelix

Want to know what is good, what we recommend, and why we recommend that? We have a great guide ready for you.

Premium Names

  1. Designed Logo
  2. Purchase From Brandbucket
  3. Unique Names

General Names

  1. Can Get a Logo Designed by Brandmark
  2. Register Through Namecheap
  3. Common Words Included Names

Is Namelix Free to Use?

There are hundreds of name generators that we can find on the internet. But they have different types of options for different facts. When it comes to using the name generator in some of the websites users have to sign up with an account otherwise they can’t use the tool to generate names. But,

Namelix is 100% free to use. Anyone can use this business name generator anytime they want and as much as they want.

Is Namelix AI Powered?

The answer to the above question is “Yes”. Namelix Business Name Generator is powered by artificial intelligence so that it could give the users the best experience and the best service.

What is AI - Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines in contrast to human and animal intelligence

So in Namelix, the name generator is totally powered with Artificial Intelligence. How we can say that?

In the name generating steps, we select our choices and input them so that AI could understand our need and present us with naming solutions.

After entering the keyword you can tell the AI what is the length of the name that you prefer and what type of name that you like by selecting the options that you prefer.

How to Generate Names From Namelix

Generating names from Namelix is a little bit specific compared to other generators. Because there are few different options in the Namelix name generation procedure. Take a look at the detailed explanation.


Step 01 - You have to enter the keyword that you prefer and click “Generate” to go to the next step of the procedure


Step 02 - In this step you are presented with three different options for choosing the length of the business name that you want. You have the option “Short Names - 3 to 6 letters”, the option of “Medium Names - 6 to 12 letters” and the option of “Long Names - 12+ letters”.


Step 03 - In this step, you get to choose a Name Style from 08 different options that are,

  • Brandable Names
  • Foreign Words
  • Misspellings
  • Rhyming Words
  • Multiple Words
  • Compound Word
  • Real Words
  • Person Names

Is .com Available With Every Name Offered by Namelix

One of the most important facts that you have to focus on before choosing a business name is whether the name is available with a TLD (Top Level Domain). Because the domain extension that you choose affects your business for sure.

So what type of Domain Extension is offered by Namelix?

With every Premium business name, the .com domain is offered


When we consider the general names offered by Namelix do not have an exact domain extension. The names are with different domains but which one will be available cannot be assured.


Understand what is the best domain extension for your business name before purchasing a name.

How to Purchase Business Names From Namelix


Name Pricings of Namelix

When you are looking for a business name to purchase from a business name generator, you have to check on the prices of the names so to understand whether it fits your budget. In Namelix there are two different prices.

Premiums - Starts from 1500$ and goes up more than 13000$

Generals - Starts from 2$ and goes up to 100$ per year.

You better get to know what type of Brand Name Pricing option is suitable.

Our Namelix Experience

Once we visit we get a really friendly impression as it has a simple look. We can select the name style and the name length that we prefer in our business names which is very interesting.

We get two different types of business names that are with different characteristics and options. We can get premiums that come along with a logo design or we could go to adjust a name and later design a logo that we love. Or we can get designed our logo as namelix directs us to a logo designing website.

The overall process of name generation in Namelix is user-friendly and not too complex or boring.

Cons of Namelix

As everything has both pros and cons to them, Namelix also has cons in it. What are they?

Too Expensive Names

Most of the business name seekers are in the initial stage of their business which means that they are on a limited budget so they might get a little trouble in purchasing the name that they prefer from Namelix.

Namelix Alternatives

Apart from the Namelix Business Name Generator, you can try,

How Others Think About Namelix

It will be an added benefit if you get to know what other Namelix users and customers think about Namelix

Here are some of the comments we found about Namelix by its users.



There are many other user reviews that you can check on also.

Namelix Collaborations

Namelix is not working and standing alone in the virtual world. It collaborates with other websites that offer services that go along with Namelix services.

Namelix Collaborations