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What is NameMesh?

The users looking forward to generating and purchasing business names are offered five different types of names so that they could try a variety of names.

NameMesh is a Domain Name Generator that you can use in order to find the Domain Names of your choice to name your business, product, company, app, or any other thing any time you want and many times you want.

In the name generation procedure, NameMesh offers you hundreds of naming solutions along with the available TLDs for you to select.

05 Types Of Name Generations are Available in NameMesh

The users looking forward to generating and purchasing business names are offered five different types of names so that they could try a variety of names.




02 Types Of Name Generators are Available in NameMesh

For the users who are looking forward to generating and purchasing business names are offered with five different types of names so that they could try a variety of names.

1. The Domain Name Generator


2. The Company Name Generator

  • Use 2-3 Keywords Tool

  • Use-2-3-Keywords-Tool-namemesh

  • Use 4 or more keywords

  • Use4ormore-keywords-namemesh

Standard of the NameMesh Generated Brand Names in Crivon Perspective

This is how NameMesh Scored according to the crivon criteria for specific facts that we mainly focus on.


So the Brand Name Qualities factor scored 37.5% and it is in red color that indicates bad or weak which you can understand. To have a clear idea

Good Qualities Weak Qualities
Offered As Single Words Included With Keywords
No Negative Meanings Included With Both Numbers & Special Characters
Virtual Assistants Can Pronounce Easily Included With Generic Words
Imitations of Existing Brands

There are valid reasons for these facts and why we group them as good qualities and weak qualities that we have included in our criteria due to great research conducted by our experts.

Name Purchasing in NameMesh

Before generating names we can select a domain registrar of our choice so that you can purchase the name you like from it.

NameMesh has listed out 13 websites here under registrars but some of them are different types of service providers and not domain registrars

So when we click a name that we prefer to purchase, not all of them offer prices or purchasing options even though it is mentioned in NameMesh here.

So you should know what are domain registrars and which ones are not.

Websites Mentioned in NameMesh What Actually They Are
Bluehost A Web Hosting Service
GoDaddy A Domain Registrar & Web Hosting Service
Wix A Free Website Builder
Hostgator A Web Hosting Service
Dreamhost A Web Hosting Service A Domain Registrar & Web Hosting Service
Iwantmyname A Domain Registrar
1 and 1 A Web Hosting Company
NameCheap A Domain Registrar & Web Hosting Service A Domain Registrar & Web Hosting Service
Dyn Oracle Domain Name Search
Yahoo The E-Commerce Platform of Yahoo, That Provides Web hosting & Website Building Services
Network Solution A Domain Registrar & Web Hosting Service

So through the above-mentioned domain registrars, you can purchase the names that you like. Make sure to select the correct registrar.

What is the Real Business Strategy Behind the NameMesh?


One of the most important things that you have to consider before choosing a name for your business is whether the name of your choice is easy to pronounce.

How are the Pricings in NameMesh?

There are two types of names available in Namemesh. If we take a look at the prices of Premiums we can see that it starts from $999 and goes up to $29000.


Do you think that these are reasonable prices? Spending this much on the name at the initial stage of your business is not so wise. Apart from that, there are many other good brand names compared to the names offered by NameMesh for reasonable prices which we think is <1000 dollars. You have to have more knowledge on what is reasonable when it comes to brand name pricing.

If we take a look at the prices of general names,

Starts from $1 and goes to >$50 for the first year averagely

Are NameMesh Offered Names Creative & Unique?

Why do we really need a good business name? Because

  1. It becomes the identity of a business.
  2. It is what customers use to search for you.
  3. It is one of the things that could make or break your business.

And many other important facts.

We all seek a Business name generator because we believe that they will offer the best names to us. But in NameMesh does it actually offer the best? According to our expertise, we think that many other places offer names that we could label as good brand names.

Without any further explanations, we will leave it to you to decide by taking a look at the following. Think, a name like this is unique, professional, creative, or attracts the target audience’s attention for starters.


What Types of Domain Extensions Are Available in NameMesh?

Few different domain extensions are available in NameMesh along with the names. Domains available are,

  1. .com
  2. .net
  3. .co
  4. .win
  5. .shop
  6. .tw

Knowing what are the good domain extensions suitable for your business before purchasing a name will be good for your business because there is no turning back if you choose one.

NameMesh Name Generation Procedure?

01. Enter the Keyword and Click Generate


02. Select the Domains of Your Preference


03. Select the Name Length


04. Select the Registrar


05. Select Whether You Want to Check On the Registered Names or Not


06. Explore the Names


Are All the Names Offered by NameMesh Available for Purchasing?

As we are using a name generator to generate business names for us and own them, so we are using NameMesh to fulfill that requirement. Even though that NameMesh generates hundreds of name solutions in different categories are they all available to purchase?

It seems no. Because the purchasing availability differs according to the Domain Registrars that you select before generating names. For example, if you choose,

GoDaddy - You can purchase business names that you prefer.


Bluehost -You just get the option of hosting service.


Our NameMesh Experience

Once you hit you are taken to the official website of NameMesh. The sentence “Your Awesome Domain Name Is Waiting…” gives us a bit of excitement about the process ahead. Once we scroll down to take a look at the rest of the home page we could see the boxes with colors and paragraphs that catches our attention but soon after we start reading the things in the boxes we really get confused because even though that they look the same and we think that the might consist something goes together it takes some time to understand what they really say.

After we pass through this reading part and generate names by entering a keyword the page that appears in front of us is complex. Understanding the options that are available one by one really takes time. And some of the options really don’t work. A person who is in a hurry or a person who is new to this is not going to get the best out of this generator.

As there are options like selecting a registrar that we want and selecting the domain extensions options it is very useful for the buyer. But the thing is some of the domain registrars on the lists actually are not offering the service that we are directed to get by NameMesh.

What You Can Use Instead of NameMesh?