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Looking For Info About Names4Brands?

It is good that you have decided to know more about the Names4Brands business name generator before using it because knowing what you are going to get earlier would make that process easier for you.

Do not worry we will give you the best guide to the Names4Brands so that you could have a smooth experience.

Highlights Of Names4Brands

  • Three Different Name Generation Methods in Business Name Generator
  • Numerology Calculator
  • Company Name Suggestions
  • 25+ Generators
  • Availability Check & Trademark Search
  • Name Ideas List
  • Languages List
  • Word Finder
  • Buy & Sell Brands

Let's take a detailed tour of Names4Brands so that you can get a clear and better idea.

Before that, you have to know what type of names are offered by Names4Brands. So let’s take a look at what type of brand names you’re getting at Names4Brands.

Scoring of Names4Brands As Per The Crivon Criteria

You are going to try the Names4Brands generator to find a good name for your business. So you have to know what type of names are available there. Our experts have reviewed the Names4Brands generator and have allocated the following mark averages for specific qualities of it according to our scoring criteria.


After seeing this picture you might wonder what all these colors are about. You can see the part that says Brand Name Qualities is in green color and It has an 86.5% score which means it is good. So let’s see how Names4Brands got this score and the color for the Brand Name Qualities.

What Type of Names Are Available in Names4Brands For You?

Names offered by Names4Brands are,

  • Single Words
  • Not Included With Keywords
  • Not Included With Numbers or Special Characters
  • Not With Negative Meanings
  • Easy to Pronounce
  • Included With Generic Words
  • Partially Imitated From Existing Brands

By considering these facts that are included with both good and weak points the scores were allocated. You have to get to know these Brand Name Qualities so that you have good knowledge to pick a great name.

03 Types of Name Generation Methods

Names4Brands business name generator offers three different methods of name generation.



In the “Random” name generating method you have to fill in three boxes which are the “First Word”, the “Last Word” and the “Random Word Character”. You do not have to type anything but select the preferred from the options presented.



When generating names, the “custom” method also has to fill in three boxes which are the “key Word”, the “Secondary Word” and the “Number of Character”. You just have to type the keyword and select the other two with your preference from the options.



The “Languages” method is also a bit like the “Custom” method. You have to fill in three fields just like in the other two methods. The difference in this method is that you have to select a language that you prefer from the given list. There is no typing to do, just selecting the ones that you like from the given options.

Business Names With Prefixes in Names4brands

When searching for business names people have different types of things that they prefer in names or name generating procedures. One of them is the Business names made with prefixes.

Prefix - A word placed in front of a base word

Base Word - Look                                                Prefix - Best

Business Name - Best Look

In Names4brands you can generate business names with prefixes through the Random Business Name Generator. There are 4 types of prefix options to select from before generating business names. And they are,

  • Popular Prefix
  • Hand-picked
  • Popular Hindi
  • Random Word

Choosing a Lucky Business Name

Most of us have a bit of consideration regarding luck even when it comes to naming a business. there are many beliefs about “Naming”. One of the most popular concepts is “Numerology”. Compatibility of name with the numerology is considered as lucky.

For the people who are looking for methods to find a lucky business name, Names4Brands has offered a good solution

Numerology Calculator In Names4Brands

   In Names4Brands users are offered a numerology calculator in which you can check your business name’s Numerology Value.


   As you can see Crivon’s Numerology Value is 4 according to Names4Brands. If you wish to see the Numerology Value of your business    name you can try this tool for free. You just have to enter the business name and click the calculate button.

Language Selecting Option In Name Generation

In the Names4Brands business name generator, you get an option of choosing a language to generate names in. If you want to try a business name included with words in another language for a change instead of English here you get a chance.

There are 19 languages for you to choose from. They are,

English French German Portuguese
Positive Words(Eng) Finnish Hungarian Slovak
Tamil Danish Italian Spanish
Sanskrit Chinese Latin Swedish
Hindi Maltese

Is There a Domain Availability Check Option in Names4Brands?

Yes, there is an option of domain availability check for the Names4Brands users. After generating names by going through all the steps in the generation procedure you get a list of business names according to your inputs to the generator.

All the names in the name list which is generated come along with two options. As in “Domain Availability”, “Numerology Value” from that you can select the Domain Availability option and check whether names that you like are available for you to own or not.


What Are The Other Options That You Get in Names4Brands?

Buy & Sell Brands

27 Different Name Generators

Name Ideas for the Whole English Alphabet

Company Name Availability

Trademark Availability

Trademark Class

Domain Name Search

Word Finders

How is The Crivon Tour of Names4Brands

Felt a bit of complexity once we entered the Names4Brands website. But soon after getting familiar with the page, it got exciting because there were many options that we could try. Three methods of name generation are a unique option that is available in this generator.

If there was a keyword entering option or an industry selecting option it would be nice. But it is not all bad because getting unique different names is great because it is a change from the monotonous procedures. The domain Availability checking option is so convenient to the users because they can instantly check the availability of the names they love before taking a decision.

In conclusion, the overall name generation experience in Names4Brands is unique and user-friendly. No time wasting due to unnecessary things.

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