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Squadhelp is The 2nd Ranked Business Name Generator

Yes, that's right. But how did become # 2? We have listed out 60 name generators and ranked them according to their qualities and the qualities of the names offered. To make the choice of using a good business name generator easy for you.

Methods to Get Names From Squadhelp

AI-Powered Business Name Search

Custom Name Ideas From Real People

Ready to Use Collection

AI- Powered Business Name Search in Squadhelp

One of the methods that you could get names from Squadhelp is the AI-Powered Business Name Generator.

Squadhelp claims that it generates 100s of agency quality creative and relevant names with matching URLs instantly.

There are 4 steps to the name generation procedure in Squadhelp Business Name Generator.

Step 01 - Select the Industry

Step 02 - Enter Keywords

Step 03 - Select Emotions

   Step 04 - Click Generate Names

Does Squadhelp Offer Quality Names?

Actually, Crivon conducted a research and ranking procedure to find the Best Brand Name Generators according to their qualities. This is how Novanym scored.


This is how Squadhelp scored according to the crivon criteria which are based on the special factors and reasons that you can find out if curious. We all know Green = Good, So the section Brand Name qualities are in green and have a 71% of the score. How did this mark get here?

        Squadhelp Offers,

Single Words as Business Names


No Keyword Included Business Names


Names With Positive Meanings


Be careful when choosing names from Squadhelp because it offers,

Names Included With Numbers


Names Included With Generic Words


Names That Can Be Recognized as Imitations


Knowing what you have to be aware of and what to get before choosing a name is better so that you can avoid the problems that can occur in the future.

Types of Business Name Generators?

Squadhelp offers an AI-powered business name generator to the users. Apart from that, there are three other name generation types. Which are,

  • Business Name Generator by Industry
  • Business Name Generator by Keywords

  • Business Name Generator by Emotions


Naming Contests in Squadhelp

One of the special options available in Squadhelp is the “Naming Contest” option. What is this actually?

Naming Contest - Conducting a Contest to Gather Custom Business Name Ideas From Different People Who Willing To.

There are two parties engaged in this process.

  • People who are looking for business names.
  • People who are submitting the name ideas.

How to engage in a Naming contest?

If you are a Buyer - You have to start a naming contest by clicking the button available in Squadhelp and then choose whether you want to start a contest for Name, Logo, Tagline, or Slogan.

If you are a Creative - You have to Log In or Sign In as a Creative and then submit your ideas by entering a contest.

Are The Names Offered By Squadhelp Affordable?

Prices of Business Names vary from one generator to another. If we take a look at the prices of Squadhelp we can see that there are different prices for different names that start from $1500 and even go up to >100000.

Name Price
Landings. co $1699
FlapLabs.com $2499
jetvy.com $3999
Prestige.io $86999
TurboJet.com $105999

Who Can Create a Squadhelp Account?

An option of signing up and an option of logging in is available in Squadhelp. It is just not for anyone or fun, only specific groups of people can create a Squadhelp account. Let us see who can create an account and join in here.

Join as a Buyer - People who willing to do business and purchase from Squadhelp

Join as a Creative - People who willing to submit name ideas and logo designs

Join as a Marketplace Seller - People who willing to sell names in Domain Marketplace

Earn Money From Squadhelp?

Did you know that we can earn money from Squadhelp? How is that possible right? But actually, it is true. There are two ways that you can earn money from Squadhelp as a freelancer.

1st Option

Naming Contests - By joining in as a creative who is willing to submit naming ideas and participating in naming contests by submitting potential business names you can earn money.

2nd Option

Logo Designing - By joining in as a creative and joining in logo designing contests and submitting good logo design according to the demand of Squadhelp anyone can earn money.

Why Squadhelp is “Squadhelp”?

Main and the core strategy in Squadhelp is “CrowdSourcing” which means getting different people’s help and ideas for problems. Crowdsourcing is done through naming contests and logo designing contests in Squadhelp.

The word “Squad” in Squadhelp depicts the people who are collaborated with and “Help” explains the service provided by the people by providing the names and logos.

So the Squadhelp is “Squadhelp” because of the “Crowd Sourcing” concept in it.

Is Squadhelp Scam or Legit?

Squadhelp is a very popular trending platform among the brand name niche-related audience. And new users are looking forward to using this platform. So some of them might have doubt that whether it’s legit or a scam.

Squadhelp itself mentions that it is the largest naming community and uses high-quality technologies in name generating process. Apart from that as we all can see there a number of special characteristics like earning money through it, or conducting naming contests to find names along with many other options and great feedback from the people who engaged with Squadhelp, it proves that Squadhelp is totally legit and anyone can use it.

The FeedBack of Squadhelp Users

There are many user reviews all around the web regarding the “Squadhelp”. As it is a very popular platform and many users are there. The feedback is included with both negative and positive comments. When people love the service and the whole concept of Squadhelp some other set is disappointed with it.





Please note that the source of this feedback is the Sitejabber website which is a platform where users present their opinions about the websites, products, and services. If you want to check more, many other reviews are available on this website.

How Squadhelp Perform In Social Media

2014.12.31 Daily and Weekly Posts 29471 Page Likes
2010 February Daily and Weekly Posts 23329 Followers
2017.04.21 Daily and Weekly Posts 7144 Followers
2016.04.19 Monthly Videos >296415 Views

How We Felt About Squadhelp

Right after approaching Squadhelp’s home page our eyes run over many available different things. After getting a bit comfortable with the view we get a chance to understand the available options one by one naming contests, names for sale, login, sign up, and many others. It feels a bit complex because we enter this by finding the name generator but we have to find it as it is not visible at the first view.

The naming contests, logo contests that are available for both parties who are willing to submit them to earn money and the people who are willing to purchase them are very convenient. Another good fact is that there are over 90 categories to choose from and find names.

Anyone can try the three specific methods to get names; there are no limitations to trying them. A problem that we can see is the higher prices because affording names that are much higher in prices might be impossible for the new players in the business.

But the overall service and the options available in Squadhelp for the users are great and unique. Even Though that there are both pros and cons to using Squadhelp, it is a professional platform that we could recommend to someone to give a try.

What Can You Try Other Than Squadhelp

Apart from us Crivon, few other websites like Betterteam, Secure shopping & Nameperfection also have reviewed about Novanym Business Name Generator by mainly focusing about,